Hey guys. In the article, I want to talk about the upcoming Boku No Hero Academia Movie which is gonna premiere in August in 2018.

Last year Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine revealed that Kōhei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia manga would be getting its first anime movie this year.

They will also reveal that the movie will have an original story and will cover past life of one of the most important Character.

And during Jump Festa event 2018 which was held in December, it was revealed that a new Key Visual starring students of class 1-A along with a new Character in the middle with blonde hairs was introduced.

Around a week ago we got the news that the movie is named as My Hero Academia: The Movie-Two Heroes and is set to release on 3rd August 2018 and will feature Prime All Might.

The movie will be based on the past life of All Might and will also feature some of the other One For All holders. Also, it will feature a small plot on Students of UA academy.

In the context of this, the officials have also released a second Key Visual as Main Visual featuring the students of class 1-A but if we look closely above Izuku written as “Who is Your Hero” we can find the younger All Might there with White eyes.

Boku No Hero Academia Movie

The Boku No Hero Academia panel at Anime Japan 2018 revealed the name of the new character, Melissa(the blonde hair one in above Key visual), who lives in the floating city somewhere abroad.

She is quirk less and connects with Deku in the movie. The catch line is “what is in store for all characters and Melissa?”

Personally, I am very excited for the movie as it may reveal many unknown facts about the quirk One for all as well as of All for One and their prime owners and also will reveal some details about the second last One For All owner which wasn’t revealed in season 2.

The manga already have two television series consisting of 12 and 25 Episodes and 3rd Season is just around the corner and will Premiere on 7th April and as the season will reach its mid-point we will have our movie.

We all are hyped for Boku No Hero Academia Movie 2018.

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