Boku no My Hero Academia Chapter 340

My Hero Academia is one of the best manga series out there, and it’s still going strong. As the series nears its conclusion, fans are enthralled by it. My hero academia, as we all know, is in the final act of its saga. As a result, fans are more invested in the series than ever before. Chapter 340 of My Hero Academia is going to be epic. What is the official release date, though? Is there a chance it’ll be delayed as well? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. So, hello there, in this post, we’ll be discussing the forthcoming chapter of My Hero Academia. We’ve provided information about the release date as well as where you may read it for yourself.


My Hero Academia Chapter 340

The previous chapter’s primary purpose was to explain to the audience the significance of the instruments used by heroes. Because the author of the series realizes that the target audience is adults, the preceding chapter of BNHA clarifies the techniques and methods. Mei Hatsumi of Development Studio was talking about her thought process for the hero work. She said that they had to place everything within gadgets that heroes could use successfully because they couldn’t accomplish anything on the field for obvious reasons.

What is the release date of MHA Chapter 340?

According to the official details we got, the upcoming chapter of My hero academia which is Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 340 is delayed. Now, as per the official details we got, BNHA aka My hero Academia Chapter 340 is going to release by 16th January 2024. So, here are the full-fledged update regarding MHA Chapter 340 Release Date:-

  • Pacific Time: 7 AM
  • Central Time: 9 AM
  • Eastern Time: 10 AM
  • British Time: 3 PM
  • European Time: 4 PM
  • India Time: 8.30 PM
  • Philippine Time: 11 PM
  • Japan Time: 12 AM

Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 340 Spoilers

Recently, the official spoilers of MHA Chapter 340 were released. Here are the events going to happen in BNHA Chapter 340:-

My Hero academia chapter 340 will be titled as “The Story of How we became Heroes, Part 3”.

All Might and Hawks begin the chapter by saying that, following Aoyama’s disclosure, they have decreased the number of persons engaged in designing the plan to the bare minimum.

All Might reveals to the leader of the pilots why he didn’t go to battle Star with Shigaraki since he wouldn’t be influenced by New Order because there wouldn’t be any confusion with the names.

To divert Shigaraki’s attention away from All for One, they’ll have to entice each of the stronger criminals and confront them separately. Aoyama has the secret to all of this. Tsukauchi remains skeptical…

Aoyama is asked what terrifies him the most, and he responds that other from AFO, he is terrified of not shining as brilliantly as his peers. …. He is terrified that if he touches their hand, he would betray them once more…

Aizawa recognizes that he must violently erase Aoyama’s dread. Regardless of the circumstances, he claims that his misdeeds will not be forgotten. He is unlikely to be permitted to stay in the United States when this dispute is complete.

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Where To Read?

All the latest chapters including My Hero Academia Chapter 340 can be found on Viz Media. Besides this, This is the best platform to read all the latest manga chapters online for free. Furthermore, This site supports the staff and creators of all our favorite manga. We highly condemn the use of unofficial and illegal manga reading platforms. A new chapter is expected to release every week as it is a weekly shonen jump manga.