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This is Boruto Chapter 36 Spoilers and Leak Thread. We will update it as soon as new information or leak is released!

The latest chapter 35 was the best so far, with many new revelations like Kaguya’s Partner, Jigen’s Power and earlier Chapters also revealed Jigen’s Weakness told by Kashin Koji.


But Chapter 36 WILL BE INSANE!!

Check Boruto Chapter 36 thread here to watch it.

Special thanks to Organic Dinosaur on Twitter for some leaked information.

Boruto CHAPTER. 36 is titled, “Surprise Attack”.

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• Jigen moves to the side of Kawaki through Kawaki Karma.

• Jigen can use black bars (same as Pain/Momoshiki). Naruto is arrested by these bars but soon withdraws them.

• An equal horn of the Otsutsuki, from the last chapter (35), grows on Kawaki’s head.

• Nothing about Sasuke in this chapter.

• Chapter 37, titled “Jigen VS Naruto”, will depart on August 21st.

It would be a colored double-spread line up earlier seen in Naruto Manga during the fights with Pain and also during the Great Ninja War. So this means some big attack will happen!

Jigen attacking the Konoha!!!

The official English release will be on July 19, 2019, on

The move to V-Jump has delayed things. So no scans or leaks till now as no insiders have leaked anything from the new V jump magazine. (#1 Updated)


PREVIEW: What about the ‘Karma’ that’s been engraved onto Boruto and Kawaki!? Jigen came into contact with (/touched) the Jyuubi: What is its true form!? Konoha VS ‘Kara’ intensifies!!

-Ninjutsu- will be surging out of a white-hot, climactic battle!! Side Splash From WSJ to VJUMP

The good news is that V-Jump is monthly and releases around the 20th of every month, so New Boruto Chapter every 4 weeks.

There is a “big” Change is what we’re about to see start with Boruto Manga Chapter 36 in July! The official English release will be on July 19/20, 2019, on

English fan-translated scans by 19th July hopefully on JaiminisBox. The move to V-Jump may delay things, though.

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