Boruto Chapter 41
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Kawaki and Team 7 went to rescue Naruto, and are about to fight a Kara villain called ‘Boro’ using a plan together. Boro has a unique Jutsu of sort of vapors which are acidic and can damage if near it, Boro can only be defeated if they work together and smartly, surprisingly Sarada awakened the 3-tomoe Sharingan out of nowhere in Chapter 40.


What is the Release Date of the Boruto Chapter 41?

Boruto Chapter 41 will release on 20th December 2019 (or 21st Depends on Timezone). It is the last Chapter of 2019. The release time is according to this live countdown below for everyone.

How much time is left for Boruto Chapter 41 LIVE?

Live Countdown to the next chapter (Time left for the Chapter for everyone):

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Where to Read Boruto Chapter 41 Officially?

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SPOILERS & LEAKS for Boruto Chapter 41

Spoilers released on 19th of December 2019, wait until then on our Discord and check our Twitter, we will update as soon as any spoiler releases.

While Sasuke is getting healed, Team 7 and Kawaki are about to form a plan and begin a counterattack on their own against Boro and retrieve the black utensil in which Naruto is sealed.


Other Upcoming Boruto Chapters- Boruto Chapter 42

Boruto Chapter 42 will release on 20th January 2020. (It will be the first Chapter of 2020).

Speculation for Boruto Chapter 41

Few things which will be interesting to see probably in Chapter 41:

  • Kawaki, Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki to fight ‘Boro’ altogether.
  • A great fight to rescue Naruto.
  • More about the powers of Boro.
  • Kashin Koji attacking Jigen possibly.
  • More about who Kashin Koji is?
  • Sasuke is getting healed, he will wake up soon and find some way forward.
  • Sasuke might return to that Dimension with reinforcements later.
  • Mitsuki might use ‘sage mode’ if everyone gets defeated and if Boruto is in danger.
  • More powers of Karma might get revealed.
  • Will they be able to rescue that Black Utensil in which Naruto is sealed?
  • What will be Shikamaru’s next step?
  • Will Boruto and Kawaki grow Otsutsuki horns and increase their strength?
  • More about the motives of Jigen and Otsutsukis.
  • Maybe a glimpse of Naruto about how he is doing?
  • Will Boruto awaken Jougan in Manga this time finally?
  • Sarada got on par with others almost due to 3 tomoe Sharingan, now how they all would overpower the enemy Boro?


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Is Naruto Dead in the Boruto Manga?

The answer is obviously ‘No’ because he just got ‘sealed’ in a big black utensil like thing by Jigen as shown in the picture below.

Team 7 and Kawaki are working together to bring him back and will fight Boro. Boro is the enemy who takes advantage of even small things.

Boro throwing sealed Naruto

Who is the ray of ‘Hope’ in Manga to save Naruto?

Boruto, Kawaki, Kashin Koji, Mitsuki, Sarada, Sakura, Sasuke might play important roles in the upcoming chapters.

Kashin Koji said that he will try to kill Jigen as he is a bit weakened by the fight with Naruto and Sasuke. Will he be successful in defeating Jigen?

Will the Team 7, Kawaki be able to defeat Boro a Kara member and retrieve the Vessel in which Naruto got sealed?

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