Boruto Chapter 48
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Hello, everyone. Boruto Chapter 48 will be Isshiki vs Kashin Koji continued. The Release Date of Boruto Chapter 48 is on July 20, 2020. Spoilers, raw scans will release two days before the official manga chapter release in English. Message me on Instagram for any questions. Image by Nano.

Currently, the chapter will release as scheduled in June, there is no delay on the releases of v-jump, but it is the time when the world is struggling due to corona, therefore, support the creators fully.

It would be really awesome to know about the new secrets of Isshiki Otsutsuki, Kara, Jigen, and Kashin Koji who is Jiraiya’s clone who will fight Jigen, there might be a huge turn of events soon. Jigen’s body is about to break apart due to immense power, he will be needing Kawaki to transfer himself soon. Jigen can easily teleport to Kawaki. We may see Naruto and Sasuke in action soon, they might go to help Kashin Koji.


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Boruto Chapter 48 Spoilers, Leaks, Raw Scans

Spoilers Status: Cover, raw scans, spoilers released.

The upcoming manga chapter spoilers, leaks, raw scans, summaries, translations of the latest Boruto Chapter 48 have been released. We will update you at that time as soon as possible. Non-translated leaks are shown below:

Sasuke says: “I can die at any time for Konoha. The same is true for Naruto”.

Sasuke then turns to Boruto and asks: “what about you Boruto, are you willing to die for the village?”

Ino and Naruto make contact, an enemy infiltrated the hidden leaf (unknown chakra)!

Before that:

1. Shikamaru asks Amado to remove the bomb from Shikadia’s neck but Amado says: “there was no bomb, to begin with, just an ordinary collar”!

2. Boruto wants to participate in the battle but Naruto said NO! The enemy is too dangerous/strong and that only he and Sasuke can take part in the fight.

3. But Boruto and the others worry for Sasuke and Naruto’s injuries from their previous battle. They are about to visit there but suddenly…

4. Kashin Koji is shown getting beaten for the worst.

So, stay tuned we will update this thread as soon as any new information releases!

Boruto Chapter 47 Recap

While the Kashin Koji vs Jigen battle rages on, Hokage Naruto and Sasuke continue to question Amado and think about going to save Kashin Koji, the former scientist Amado tells about Karma and about Isshiki Otstsuki and how to destroy the Otsutsuki clan! However, as the battle with Isshiki vs Kashin Koji heats up to an entirely new level.

boruto chapter 48 isshiki
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It confirms that Jigen aka Isshiki has a new powerful Dojutsu which can shrink things just by giving a glance on them except living things. This Dojutsu has never been seen in Narutoverse, it might have other secret abilities yet to be revealed in the story. Boruto Chapter 48 might show more of its abilities, and probably he will face Sasuke and Naruto, Sasuke will probably use some techniques from his Rinnegan to face him.

Naruto’s heartbreaking suspicions of who Kashin Koji actually is are proven to be true as Isshiki begins to display his terrifying true power! After years of waiting in anticipation, the mask of Kashin Koji has been shattered and the reveal gave us the answer that a majority of the fandom had been dreading and a growing number were finally accepting!

The first real father figure of Naruto Uzumaki, Jiraiya the toad sage, has made his return in Boruto somehow with a clone. Amado might have chosen to clone him due to his big fate to change things.

Boruto Chapter 48

Other speculations

The karma seal that Momoshiki gave to Boruto has a purpose that was only hinted at before, but now is one hundred percent confirmed! The death of Boruto Uzumaki has been foreshadowed and there is nothing that Naruto or Sasuke can do to save Boruto from his cursed fate now that Momoshiki is dead.

Jigen’s final plan is still unknown and also, the ones betraying him cannot be trusted. We think that Amado only knows a part of his plan and still, the major portion of Jigen’s story is missing. Jigen is quite powerful to be handled by Kashin Koji alone, let’s see what will happen in Boruto Chapter 48.

It does look like that in Chapter 48 Naruto won’t let his master Jiraiya’s clone that is Kahin Koji fight and die alone, he will take Sasuke with him and teleport there and lend him a hand and they will somehow partially defeat Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Sasuke and Naruto might have to interfere somehow to defeat Jigen maybe to help Kashin Koji. We hope Jigen will not able to transfer into his vessel Kawaki. The other Kara member waiting with the Ten-Tails will stay there for a while.

Speculations for future Boruto Manga Chapters

These things might happen in the upcoming Boruto Chapter 48, 49, 50, 51.

  • Isshiki vs Jiraiya Clone will still be a big fight.
  • More about the creation of Kashin Koji and his backstory.
  • Jigen might have something up his sleeve which will let him win.
  • Jigen might betray every Kara member.
  • Sasuke and Naruto might go to the place where Jigen is using his space-time Jutsu and help Kashin Koji in the fight.
  • Amado might betray Kashin Koji maybe because of some negotiation with Jigen.
  • Konoha getting the intel from Amado.
  • More about the powers of Isshiki.
  • Jigen might try to retrieve Kawaki to use as his vessel at last.
  • Jigen’s new DoJustu eye.
  • The entrance of other loyal members of Kara and helping Jigen.
  • Information on Boruto’s pure eye, Karma powers, what exactly it is, and its origins.
  • Secrets of Kaguya’s Otsutsuki partner that later possessed Jigen.
  • Other methods to create Ten-Tails.
  • New revelations about the powers of Karma, Ten-Tails, Otsutsukis, and their vessels.

Chapter Discussion

Discuss in the comments on Reddit about the Boruto Naruto Next Generations’ latest Chapter 48, also, keep Supporting Boruto Manga. Also, read about the latest One Piece Chapter 986.

The March’s promotional text already said that “There will be good progress towards new developments in the Battle against ‘Kara’!”, We can notice that the battle is progressing further as Kara vs Konoha continues.

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