One Piece Manga Chapter 986
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One Piece Chapter 986 will reveal Yamato, Luffy entering stage. The One Piece Chapter 986 Release Date is August 3, 2020. Chapter Spoilers, raw leaks released. Colored Manga Images by Amanomoon.

In the last chapter, we go over the great Yonko Emperor Alliance between Kaido & Big Mom towards the common goal ‘ONE PIECE’ and how this could lead to how Luffy and straw hat pirates and Yamato will defeat Kaido and the Beast Pirates. We also witness the death of Kurozumi Orochi. The One Piece anime is currently on Episode 934.


One Piece Chapter 986 Delayed

Yes, One Piece 986 got delayed due to amid outbreak of COVID 19 Novel Coronavirus pandemic all over the world due to the protection of its manga staff. The New Release Date for Chapter is August 3, 2020, officially. The live time is below.

One Piece Chapter 986 Release Time

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One Piece Manga Chapter 986
Image by Amanomoon

One Piece Chapter 986 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks

One Piece Chapter Spoilers Status: Spoilers, leaks, raw scans released. Some words by the editor of One Piece:

Takano Ken in the live stream revealed that he was moved to tears after reading chapter 986. He added that it was the first time for him to shed tears since he became One Piece editor!

Chapter 986 Raw Scan leaks, Cover

One Piece Chapter 986 Major Spoiler Full Summary

From Worstgen, Source Lance_Dragonite Reported:

Full summary, thanks to Redon from Arlong Park Forums. Posted on Reddit by HEAT.

Chapter 986: Title: “My name” (Oda uses “sessha” in “my” as samurai talked).

In the cover of One Piece Chapter 986, Lola and Chiffon don’t believe Pound is their father so they set sail without him.

Denjiro and Kinemon reach the back door of the castle. Kiku and Raizo are crying, Kanjuurou is lying on the ground with blood around him. They walk past Kanjuro and enter into the castle.

All Orochi’s subordinates (ninja and samurai) swear allegiance to Kaidou (they have no loyalty to Orochi, to begin with). Kaidou still can’t believe that Momonosuke is actually Oden’s son, so he will ask Momonosuke the same question he asked 20 years ago (“What’s your name?”). If Momonosuke answers that he isn’t Oden’s son, Kaidou will spare his life.

Luffy and Yamato side. Luffy takes out Yamato’s handcuff and throws them away in case handcuff blows up. Ulti and Who’s Who (both are separated) receive a report saying that Luffy and Yamato are heading to the stage, so they are heading there too. Page One isn’t with Ulti.

Usopp, Chopper, and the Red Scabbards are heading to the stage too. Law is walking somewhere in the castle. Kid and Zoro are still fighting Kaidou’s men.

Back to the stage, Momonosuke replies to Kaidou’s question. He announces he’s Kozuki Momonosuke, son of Kozuki Oden, and that he will be the shogun of Wanokuni. When Momonosuke finishes, he has some emotional thoughts and flashbacks about his parents.

When Kaidou is about to kill Momonosuke, the wall explodes because of Yamato’s handcuff. The bomb in Yamato’s handcuff seems to be way stronger than normal prisoners’ bombs.

Yamato is very angry now that she knows Kaidou actually would kill her, so she won’t regard Kaidou as her father anymore. But Luffy stops “Yama-o” (he’s using “o”, which means man as he does with Law (Torao) and Kid (Gizao)) and says they are not the one who will officially begin this battle.

Then, the Red Scabbards barge through the wall behind Kaidou in the stage. Izo shots the sword of King’s hand. Kaidou shouts that their swords are useless against him. But as the Red Scabbards jump at him. One Piece Chapter 986 is gonna be full of action.

Kaidou has a flashback about the day he almost lost to Oden and sees the image of Oden jumping at him at the same time the Red Scabbards jump. Kaidou stops for a second. The Red Scabbards shout “Sunacchi!!” and attack Kaidou.

Kawamatsu blocks King with his katana, Inuarashi does the same with Jack and Queen. Nekomamushi almost reaches Kaidou with his claw but Kaidou grabs his head. Ashura, Kiku, and Raizou are behind the other. Kinemon and Denjiro are the only ones that stab their swords in Kaidou’s body.

After the attack, Kaidou and the Red Scabbards fall off the stage…

What do you think will happen in the next chapter? So hyped! Something big will happen! Though it may be possible that nothing might happen, take this as a grain of salt.

The One Piece Manga Chapter 986 spoilers, leaks, raw scans, summaries, English translations have been released. Only the above information leaked till yet. We will update you as soon as possible when new information releases. Spoilers are getting a general delay these days, so be patient.

one piece 986
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One Piece Chapter SPECULATIONS, RUMORS going on:

  • Marco vs King is a possibility as both are the right-hand men of the strongest pirates and have identical appearances in their devil fruit.
  • Luffy’s been trying to fight Queen since Udon. Could see Kaido offering him a fight against the All-Stars and Luffy gets Momo released if he wins. Like Kaido said the last chapter, he doesn’t really care about Momo
  • The shadow that Marco saw could be Garp or maybe some other pirate, marine, or cp0.
  • Orochi is still alive with seven more health bars. We get to see more of Momo/Robin/Jimbe/Nami/Carrot/The infiltrated samurai’s/Zoro/Kidd/Law.

The above-told rumors are possible though take them as a grain of salt.

By Amanomoon

Therefore, stay tuned we will update this thread as any new information for this new volume of manga releases for One Piece Chapter.

One Piece Chapter 985 Recap

Earlier Chapters we got that Yamato is Kaido’s daughter and over Yamato’s relationship with Luffy’s Brother Portgas D. Ace/ Gol D. Ace, and the potential of Kadio Daughter Yamato to join the Straw Hat Pirate crew.

In the last chapter 985 great Yonko Emperor Alliance between Kaido & Big Mom towards finding the One Piece, and how this could lead to how Luffy and straw hat pirates defeating Kaidou with help of Yamato and the Beast Pirates. The death of Kurozumi Orochi might be fake as he could have survived due to his Devil Fruit.

While Law and Scabbards split up but the scabbards team is caught up by Kanjuro with some well-drawn old fighter samurai to fight against them.

Oden’s son Momonosuke was taken away by Kanjuro earlier, but Luffy promised him that he will save him later. Luffy is about to save Momonosuke and Yamato is about to argue with Kaidou. It seems Momonosuke will be saved.

Marco left in the earlier chapter searching for the shadow, will that be an ally? or will it be an enemy?

Thoughts on the history between Yamato and Ace? How will Law now act with his crew attacking Onigashima? What will Kaido do now to Momonosuke and Luffy?

Latest One Piece Chapters

The things mentioned below might happen in the manga in the upcoming One Piece Chapter 986, 987, 988, 989, 990, 991, 992, 993, 994, 995.

Could it be that Yamato will join the Strawhat Crew or will he just help in Wano only? Yamato is completely on a different level than Luffy, she used the same technique as her father, and also, she is wearing clothes just like Oden, it looks like she will help in defeating her father and later rule over Wano as a good person ‘Shogun’ the head.

The Samurai Soldiers and our pirate alliance walking deep into the Onigashima party through camouflaging themselves by dressing just like the enemies and attacking them.

While Law with 4 Samurai heirs of Kozuki Oden entering from the backside secret entrance to Onigashima through his submarine. Also, Law is with the strongest samurai- Ashura, Kappa Kawa, Raizo, Kiku. The big Battle is about to start as they all reach inside the castle. Everyone is about to face their difficult opponents.

Kaido and his alliance contains these

Beast Pirates Crew, Koruzumi Shogun Orochi, Kaido, Big Mom, Big Mom Pirates, Flying six, CP0, Hawkins, other soldiers using the smile fruit. In conclusion, let’s see what will happen in One Piece 985.

One Piece Upcoming Chapter Predictions:

Blackbeard interferes in Wano

We do not think Blackbeard will be a part of this Wano Kuni fight unless he is interested in someone’s devil fruit ability. Luffy will need some help from Shanks if the Blackbeard interferes.

Whitebeard Pirates helping Luffy

It does not look like the remaining people left from Whitebeard crew will join the fight, as most of them started their life again as non-pirates. Marco will join the fight.

Garp, Shanks, Marines entering the battle

Maybe Marines, Shanks, Garp might enter the scene later. Garp has already fought the leader of the crew of Rocks Pirates (Big mom and Kaido were in the crew of Rocks at a young age). Garp may pose a threat to them. Though the world government has no control over Wano. Boa Hancock might join the battle but get captured maybe. One Piece Chapter 984 might show the current status of Sabo.

Revolutionary Army joining the battle

The revolutionary army might not involve itself in this war as their major strength is at Mariejois, also, it looks like Sabo has got captured, we will get to know after this arc what happened at Mariejois. Also, probably the Red Hair pirates will also join Luffy’s side at the end.

We might get to see the situation on the other side in the middle of this Wano arc maybe, that is the current situation of Sabo and the Revolutionary Army at the Mariejois, and ex-marine admiral Aokiji somehow might get involved. One Piece Chapter 986 will reveal new things and actions by the worst gen pirates.

Luffy’s Bounty after Wano Arc

Luffy’s Bounty probably may rise above 3 to 4 Billion Belly after this full Wano Arc ends. And, also it looks like Monkey D. Luffy will be the Emperor of the sea after this arc. Luffy will need some help from Shanks if the Blackbeard interferes.

Sanji and Zorro will fight their matches either from flying six or Commanders of Kaido like Queen or King or Jack.

There might be a change of sides taking place among the above teams as the fights begin among worst gen pirates, also, they are known to be having their own egos, will and beliefs.

One Piece Manga

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It is really getting excited as these worst generation pirates who are very powerful will create havoc in New Onigashima in the One Piece Franchise.

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