Boruto Chapter 57 Reveals Major Spoilers about Code, Ada, Amado, Releasing Now!
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Boruto Chapter 57 will reveal the powerful cyborg Ada, that will help code to gain powers back. Boruto Chapter 57 release date is April 20, 2024. Spoilers have been released yet but leaks will be released around the 18th. Images by Yukki Twitter.

After all those fights this chapter will bring some good storyline about Amado’s history, Code’s powers, Cyborg Ada’s powers, and most importantly temporary solution for Boruto to pause turning into Otsutsuki.

Boruto Chapter 57 Ada


Boruto Chapter 57 Release Date and Time

Boruto Chapter 57 official release for every country release date is on April 20, 2024, 11:59 PM JST (Japan Standard Time).

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Boruto Chapter 57 Spoilers, Cover, Leaks Translated

Boruto Chapter 57 Spoilers Status: Spoilers released, Cover and leaks will release soon, will update it here, stay tuned until then.

Leaks For Chapter: Cover With Ada!!!

Major Spoilers for Chapter 57 Exclusively at Omnitos

  • Boruto Chapter 57 is Titled, “Ada”, plus the cover will be containing her image
  • The chapter will cover all Kage village heads meeting, Amado and Naruto talking, and most part will be covered by Ada, Code and Amado and their story.
  • Boruto And Kawaki won’t get much footage in this chapter
  • Ada has an eye power called the Senrigan and also has the ability to allure, meaning she has the ability to steal hearts irrespective of gender, exceptions are Otsutsuki and her family.
  • Amado made some Byakugan suppressant drugs to suppress ongoing transformation into Momoshiki but it has side effects that may cause vision loss or death
  • Amado talks about her daughter who passed 12 years ago (he might have turned her into a cyborg)
  •  Ada hates Amado because she won’t be able to feel passionate love
  • Ada stopped Code with just a single glance
  • Main: Code asked Ada how to remove his power limiters, while Ada told him that Amado would be needed for that, Amado has a complex eye that can’t be copied by any Jutsu, therefore to release the power authentication of Amado Eye’s Iris and his real voice to output the command would be required. Ada does not know that command.

For now, the writer has taken back the destructive powers from both the heroes Naruto and Sasuke and he wants to keep them weaker in Boruto.

Stay tuned for further leaks, the raw will release around the 18th of April, 2024. We will update you all with any new information releases about this new manga release.

Naruto, Sasuke Power Levels Compared:

You all might think that we have lost much of the battle power after the fight with Isshiki ended but you are all wrong because Naruto’s sage mode already almost defeated the Pain, Sasuke’s Sharingan is not at all bad and has got good abilities plus strength.

Plus with the current amount of experience and battle strength they would still be powerful Shinobi in the Naruto Universe despite the main powers Kurama and Rinnegan being taken. Sasuke can still perform some of the Jutsus he used to like Thunderclap and Flame Control and even Susanoo while Naruto still has Frog Gamakichi’s fourth generations and even the powerful sage mode.

See the perspective of the author as well, this show is about Boruto, and think about it we all question always that why Naruto was not able to fight to the fullest despite having all powers, why Sasuke was not fighting that good, now we have a reason, their main powers were removed in Boruto Manga. Naruto and Sasuke’s powers are lesser in Chapter 57 as compared to earlier.

Recap of Chapter 56

Boruto Manga Chapter 56 covers Naruto and Sasuke’s next huge enemy who is CODE with shocking strength left from the Kara organization. Amado explains that he was working on cyborgs for JIGEN aka Isshiki Otsutsuki that he disposed of. However, Code brings them back to life. Kawaki and Boruto’s goal is now to remove Karma and they plan to do something with the karma seal.

Code is about to go full-on against Konoha plus he is even stronger than Jigen was, therefore once he gets to know about his limiters unlock command, he will be able to surpass everyone in the Narutoverse.

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Speculations for future Boruto Manga Chapters

These things might happen in the upcoming Boruto Chapter 57, 58, 59, 60 and would be really interesting to see!

  • Where did Kashin Koji (Jiraiya’s Clone) go after he was almost defeated by Isshiki? That is a big mystery but he might have a major role in upcoming chapters.
  • Is Code an Uzumaki with reddish hair?
  • How powerful is Ada Cyborg or Ninja tool?
  • Will code be back soon to take revenge on Konoha and take back Amado?
  • Will Kashin Koji be back on Amado’s side?
  • Will Naruto and Sasuke train again? Will they train Boruto and Kawaki?
  • Can Sasuke’s Rinnegan be healed or can new be awakened?
  • Will Isshiki return somehow at the end?
  • Will Sasuke be able to use Rinnegan based Jutsus or get his Rinnegan back?
  • New revelations about the powers of Karma, Ten-Tails, Otsutsukis, and their vessels
  • Does Amado know about Code’s full power?
  • Will Code be able to remove the limiters to his strength?
  • Information on Boruto’s pure eye
  • In the upcoming arc of Code as the main villain
  • Will code form a new team with Cyborgs or will he attack directly?
  • How strong is Code? Is Code stronger than Jigen itself? Possibly
  • Powers of Code and Ten-Tails to be used?
  • Will Kurama be back in the future somehow?
  • How Strong is Ada?
  • Will Ada’s abilities work against Naruto and Sasuke who are reincarnations of Indra and Ashura Otsutsuki.

Doubts related to Boruto Franchise:

Is Naruto or Sasuke going to die, is Naruto still alive in 2024?

There is very little chance of Naruto or Sasuke dying as the Manga has been given back to original Naruto writer Masashi Kishimoto.

And he will definitely not kill Naruto or Sasuke that’s for sure. Naruto got unconscious in Chapter 54, his current status is that Kurama has died, but Naruto is still alive. We think that Naruto will not die in near future. (Tailed Beasts do not die, they take rebirth in the late future)

Is Boruto going well in 2024?

Yes obviously currently the franchise is going really insane with a huge amount of viewership and getting bigger as ever and anime is also adapting the super hit manga chapters of the battle against Kara which is going really awesome. The latest chapter of Boruto Franchise will be Chapter 57.

Is Boruto’s Eye Jougan really strong?

Yes, Boruto’s eye Jougan is really strong with space-time abilities and other known abilities being able to see and sense chakra and weak points, it is an old eye of Otsutsukis as per Urashiki, and has some connection with Toneri. Currently in the last chapter was shown an Otsutsuki Jougan god with hundreds of Jougans or pure eyes.

Is KARA finished?

No, the Ten-Tails, Code, scrapped cyborgs are still alive which is needed to be tackled other members seem to be dead or incapable of doing anything for now. Code now has Isshiki’s powers and White Karma.

Chapter Discussion

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