After the publication of the last chapter, the author of the Boruto series played it very well and managed to attract the audience. Boruto Manga is without a doubt one of the greatest continuing manga series available. Masashi Kishimoto, on the other hand, used the power-up card in the most recent chapter. Finally, the previous chapter included “Kawaki’s New Karma Strength,” one of the most eagerly anticipated aspects of the story. Now, fans are clamoring for additional information about the series. More facts will be revealed in Boruto Chapter 66. But when will it be released? Let’s see what we can find out:-


Boruto Chapter 66

In the previous chapter, we saw everything. Boruto’s Otsutsuki form was in the previous chapter, Naruto was in the previous chapter, Code’s dominance was in the previous chapter but the most important part was Kawaki’s new power upgrade. Yes, Boruto Chapter 65 featured Kawaki’s new power-up. Code and Boruto (in his Otsutsuki form) teamed up together to defeat Naruto. Code captured Shikamaru as a hostage and black-mailed Naruto. Without a doubt, Code is one of the strongest characters of the series and Naruto is aware. So, as soon as Boruto in his Otsutsuki’s form decided to kill Naruto with his massive Rasengan, and this is exactly when Kawaki pops up in front of Naruto to save him with his new Karma power.

What Is The Release Date Of Boruto Chapter 66?

Those who are aware should know that the Boruto franchise releases each chapter at an interval of one month. The previous chapter was released on 20th November. So, as per the schedule, the official Boruto Chapter 66 English Chapter will come out on 20th January 2024. There is no such announcement regarding the delay makes it more it more exciting that we are going to see our warriors, again.

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Boruto Chapter 66 Spoilers

As for now, there is no official update regarding the leaks and spoilers of chapter 66 of Boruto. So, as per the prediction, Boruto Chapter 66 spoilers, leaks, or raw scans might release on 15th January 2024.

Boruto Chapter 66

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Is Boruto going well in 2024?

Boruto Chapter 66 is going to be the first chapter 2024, So Yes, we can conclude that franchise is going insane with a huge amount of viewership and getting bigger than ever and anime is also adapting the super hit manga chapters of the battle against Kara which is going awesome. The latest chapter of Boruto Franchise will be Chapter 66.

Is Boruto’s Eye Jougan strong?

Yes, Boruto’s eye Jougan is really strong with space-time abilities and other known abilities being able to see and sense chakra and weak points, it is an old eye of Otsutsukis as per Urashiki, and has some connection with Toneri. Even, recent some events have shown an Otsutsuki Jougan god with hundreds of Jougans or pure eyes.

Is KARA finished?

No, the Ten-Tails, Code, scrapped cyborgs are still alive which is needed to be tackled other members seem to be dead or incapable of doing anything for now. Code now has Isshiki’s powers and White Karma.

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