Boruto Episode 120 to feature Urashiki Otsutsuki


Boruto was having fillers until Episode 119, but now it is confirmed for Boruto Episode 120 will feature Urashiki Otsutsuki’s story.

Episode 120 Boruto will leave Konoha to meet Sasuke in the “country of the wind/sand”. The scan also mentions the “sand village” which means Shinki and Gaara. The incident that occurred has something to with Urashiki. THE HYPE IS REAL, reported by Abdul and Dora League.

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Boruto Manga is currently going really crazy and we recommend you to read it, though it may spoil the anime series. The manga will debut with its much-anticipated Chapter 37 on August 20, 2019, which will feature Naruto vs the new villain (Jigen).

Detailed Spoiler Update for 120 By Organic Dinosaur

During the time of the Chuunin Exams, Sasuke became Boruto’s mentor. Since his mentor tends to be away from home, Boruto hasn’t been able to receive much training from him – He’s gotten tired of waiting on him to come back.

But on this occasion, a message arrives at the village from Sasuke. Boruto stealthily eavesdrops on the contents of it, and finds out that Sasuke is going to be dropping by for a short visit at a certain location in the “Wind Country”.

In order to receive training from him somehow, Boruto then secretly rushes out of the village. But at the same time, various accidents keep happening -one after another – and he isn’t readily able to reach his destination. Will Boruto actually be able to meet up with his mentor!?

See the image as proof below:

The new Arc will start from episode 120 and the hype is real. Urashiki or his story will be involved in the upcoming Episodes after 120. This looks like a proper genuine arc.

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  1. I think that it’s about time, that an appearance of Urashiki Otsutsuki would begin again, as it has been a bit too long, since the Momoshiki arc, but I wonder what will happen when he and Boruto finally meet face-to-face?

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