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The Dragon Ball Super 2.0 announcement aka Dragon Ball Super 2019 is rumored (but not confirmed in any way) may get announced at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2019 or at Jump Victory Carnival 2019 which is soon. Report by John Oppai.

Rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.

An interview with Lisa Yamatoya (Senior Manager of Marketing; Licensing at Toei Animation USA) revealed in an interview that they will go bigger this year at San Diego Comic Con 2019. Apparently, all news were rumors earlier 2 months back.

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What can be bigger than a DBS 2019 announcement or a Dragon Ball Super Broly 2 movie announcement/teaser, I hope some action figures or mobile games won’t count as something big for the anime Community? We all need the anime back.

It will come eventually this year, some possible reasons for the current delay can be One Piece Stampede Movie on August 9, 2019, as they don’t want the audience to deviate or get confused (Any announcements related to other animes will impact the movie promotion of One Piece).

And better Animation and storyline, faster dubs for the new DBS 2 could also be the reason.
GEEKDOM has never lied or made up any stories. We believe in him! No hate comments, it will eventually come, be patient.

Dragon Ball was the Main Source of Earnings for TOEI Animation in their Financial Report, they can’t let it go like this. It is a secret project of course. They want to be the ones to tell us and surprise us at some day by a big super return announcement.

There was an event in Italy where TOEI was selling Licenses to distributors. It is confirmed that it is in the pre-production stage earlier.

Between April 1-3, 2019, Italy saw Bologna hold its huge annual Licensing Trade Show. The event saw a variety of companies gather to discuss. It was there when Dragon Ball Super showed up, and photos of the panel caught lots of attention.

See the image from that event below, just focus on the right hand on the screen you can see ‘The Unmissable Franchise’ clearly it is Dragon Ball Super in the image posted by Saikyo Devin:

Though yeah some people are still negative about it, as you can see a person claiming to have some good sources that it won’t come until later this year, see the tweet below:

We can just wait now until any update or leak is there. Stay tuned!

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