Dragon Ball Super Anime Season 2 Delay Reasons, Release Date, Thread
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Dragon Ball Super Season 2 has been delayed for the longest time ever now. Fans continue to wonder if there even is a Season 2 for the anime.

No new news has been released in the last few months and we are here with the expected release date and an explanation for the delay.


Is Dragon Ball Super Anime Coming Back in 2024 or will it be later?

We do not expect Dragon Ball super to come back in 2024 at all, however, we do expect some kind of announcement for the future sometime at the end of the year. The release date would not be in this year definitely.

We are not sure when it’ll be but we do expect some form of an announcement as far as a movie or anime goes.

Ryo Horikawa himself has continued to tease more Dragon Ball, including supposedly at his concerts where he’s telling fans, wink on Dragon Ball but time is not to say anything.

This whole story was weird because nobody’s actually come out and leaked it, and you would think that at a concert somebody would say something so that story is again a bit unusual, nonetheless, Dragon Ball super was planned to come back, TOEI animation got cold feet about making dragon ball without Toriyama’s blessing, and because of that we’re all still waiting for what Toriyama has left to finish.

So that we get the next story whether it be a movie or a TV series at some point in the future, we are expecting there to be a creative shift to where Toyotaro and the Dragon Ball Rooms will probably be the primary creative minds behind Dragon Ball when Toriyama does eventually retire, whenever that is hopefully not anytime soon but until they are comfortable enough to move in that direction.

About Dragon Ball Super Anime

The first episode of Dragon Ball Super aired on July 5, 2015, and instantly became a hit among Dragon Ball fans from all over the globe.

One hundred thirty-one episodes were released with the title of the last episode being “A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!” and fans have been waiting for the anime to return since then.

Toei Animation, the studio behind the Dragon Ball Series is said to have already started on Season 2 but no official news has been released yet.

Dragon Ball Super Anime Season 2 Delay Reasons, Release Date, Thread

Many fans expect season 2 of the Dragon Ball anime to feature Broly but it has been confirmed that Broly will not be a part of Season 2.

Dragon Ball Super manga has been continuing for a while and even though the manga has strayed away from the anime plot, there are high chances that the Moro arc will be adapted for the second season of the anime.

Dragon Ball Super Movie:

In July 2024, Toei Animation revealed the official title of the next Dragon Ball Super feature film: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and premiered the first teaser featuring Goku.

The studio confirmed that the film takes place in the future, just a few years after the events of the Tournament of Power arc of the Dragon Ball Super anime. Since Toei Animation announced that the new film will be released in 2024, because of this it’s likely that Season 2 of the anime series will premiere after that.

Will There Even Be A Season 2 of Dragon Ball Super?

Yes. Even though a release date has not been set, the new season of the Dragon Ball Super has been confirmed. Dragon Ball Super Season 2 is hundred percent a possibility. Season 1 ended at the end of the Tournament of the power arc. There were so many things that it failed to cover.

Most of the times anime adaptations are based on their ongoing manga chapter but for Dragon ball it’s different. Dragon Ball Super anime always had its own plot and the manga always lagged behind.

We don’t expect the upcoming Dragon Ball Super 2 to be fully based on the ongoing manga, maybe Toei will have a unique plot for the anime.

Reasons why Dragon Ball Super Anime will return late

  • Resources of the team are working on One Piece only for the timing
  • Covid 19 pandemic further cut the staff and delayed everything
  • Other multitudes of reasons like Toriyama and Toyotaro is mainly required for DBS Anime who are presently busy

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Anime Expected Release Date:

Because of COVID-19 shenanigans, many anime and manga titles have been unfortunately delayed. This is suspected to be the culprit behind Dragon Ball Super anime season 2 delay.

According to some unofficial sources on Twitter, the Dragon Ball Super Season 2 anime might start airing in 2024/23. Once the Dragon Ball Super Hero movie is launched.

An article by Newsweek suggests Season 2 to be in pre-production. If this information is true, then the chances of Season 2 premiering in 2024 increase immensely.

Final Conclusion to new Dragon Ball Super Anime Season 2 Verdict

The COVID-19 pandemic induced some obviously unavoidable problems for every anime studio and the likes. The primary reason for the delay of Dragon Ball Super Season 2 could be the same. Toei Animation also has plans for another Dragon Ball Super movie. This could also be the reason behind the postponement of the release.

All we can do now is wait for an announcement, so that’s it that’s the truth the whole truth, and nothing but the truth and let’s just be patient and wait because whatever’s coming is gonna come.

We just don’t know when it’s gonna come, so that’s the story we’ve always been very open and honest with you and we and Geekdom hate giving people bad news because you know a lot of folks are looking forward to Dragon Ball super coming back this year, but it’s not gonna likely be this year.

We don’t know for sure because anything can happen, but it does not seem likely that it’ll be this year but again we do expect some kind of an announcement at some point of this year.

Will the new Story adapt from DBS Manga for anime Season 2?

It might be the case but there is no information on it yet. Generally, manga is adapted in Anime with some twists and turns. It would start with the Morro arc probably after the tournament of Power where it left off.

Where to watch Dragon Ball Super Anime?

We’d recommend you to watch it on Crunchyroll or Funimation.

Dragon Ball Super 2 is one of the most awaited anime. The show sure does bring back the comedy, the silliness, most importantly the stakes and power.

It is rumored to be aired in the upcoming 2 years. All we can do is wait for the official news from Toei animations or the series itself to air. For more updates and news, stay tuned to Omnitos!

Where to Read Dragon Ball Super Manga for the timing for future arcs?






(*Download the Shonen Jump app from the play store or app store and search for Dragon Ball Super in it. There might be 5 mins delay on viz and manga plus but the Shonen Jump app gets the chapter instantly after the countdown finishes.)

The latest upcoming chapter would be Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 in which Vegeta got new Hakaishin form.

Will the New Anime or Movie would be called ‘Super’?

It could be Dragon Ball Super, or Super Season 2 (2uper), or a wholly different name altogether. It could be Dragon Ball Super Episode 132 or could be from the new season episode 1 altogether, we will have to wait for the actual information on this.

Next year would definitely bring something good. After all Dragon Ball fetches them huge chunks of profit.