Dragon Ball Super Chapter 51 of manga will release on 20th August 2019 as per the date confirmed by the last page of chapter 50.

We saw Morro’s third wish which was freeing up all the existing prisoners from the Universal Galactic Jail being some of the prisoners his subordinates.

Now that Morro has restored his powers and subordinates, it would be interesting to see how Goku and company will deal with it.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 51

Countdown to Live English DBS Manga Chapter 51 Release:

The new Dragon Ball Super Chapter 51 will release on 20th August 2019.

Spoilers are not out yet, we will update you all soon.

The new Chapter will be Officially available on:



There are a few things which will be really interesting to see in the Next Chapter:

  • Vegeta going to Planet Yardrat for what? To learn a technique? or something else.
  • Goku and Galactic Petrol deciding on what to do now, as all prisoners are released and Moro is still absorbing the New Namek’s energy.
  • Buu (Grand Kai) is injured what will he do.
  • What will Morro do to Namek or his plan to create a galaxy?
  • Will Beerus wake up and see Moro’s actions.

The hype is real for Chapter 51, we can only wait for now until any spoilers get released, in case of V-jump, it will be mostly 2 days before from the official release date that is 18th August 2019.

New Dragon Ball Super Movie in works?

Yes, 100%. Talks about a possible next ‘Dragon Ball movie’ and how it might go in a “completely different direction” than Dragon Ball Super Broly based on an interview with the head of the Dragon Ball Room: ‘Akio Iyoku’.

Why is Dragon Ball Super 2 Anime not yet announced?

Super really lives, and it will return this year with anime series, dbs2019 has good sources and insiders working there!

There are several reasons for the delay of Super Anime announcement 2019:

  1. One Piece Stampede Movie on August 9, 2019 (Any announcements related to other animes will impact the movie promotion of One Piece).
  2. Better Animation and storyline for the new DB Super 2.
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