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Today, on an interview with the head of Dragon Ball Rooms Iyoku some revelations were made. Dragon Ball Room was created by Shueisha, to shape the future of Dragon Ball related to games and movies. Source of this news is Iyoku (the head of DB Rooms).

Talks about a possible next ‘Dragon Ball movie’ and how it might go in a “completely different direction” than Dragon Ball Super Broly based on an interview with the head of the Dragon Ball Room: ‘Akio Iyoku’.

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As per tweeted by Sunlemon and translated by Goresh.

In the Dragon Ball Super Broly JAPANESE Blu Ray, Akio Iyoku in an interview reveals that they are in early stages for a Dragon Ball Super Broly SEQUEL – yes ANOTHER Dragon Ball Super Movie is coming. DETAILS on what we know so far. New Dragon Ball Super Movie 2 Confirmed by 2020/21.

Some highlights by Terez27 Reddit.

  • This doesn’t mean there won’t be a new anime. It’s completely normal for anime and movies to be under production at the same time. They couldn’t do it with Super because Super’s production schedule was fucked from the moment it began and it basically never got better. Basically, every long-running anime has movies coming out alongside the anime: One Piece, even Dragon Ball and DBZ.

  • The new movie won’t be out this year. Broly was announced a year before it came out. (This new movie hasn’t exactly been announced yet, either.) The Japanese home release of Broly is their last promotional push for the movie; now that it’s out, we can expect them to move on to new stuff soon.

  • Iyoko might even be hinting that DB will be continuing in some other way, first: “We raised the bar a lot with Broly so we’re trying to avoid becoming burnt out. I think Dragon Ball will continue from here on out so we want you all to look forward to what’s coming up next.

  • Look for more information on the upcoming World Tour. The first stop is at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), July 18-21. We are kinda sorta expecting something big there. Last year it was the first Broly trailer. We might get something even before then.

The interview goes as follows:

Akiyo lyoku: Head of the Dragon Ball Room

Hayashida Norihiro: Producer of Dragon Ball Super Broly

lyoku: We are steadily making preparations for the next Dragon Ball movie. Broly was excessively powerful, so we think things will probably head in a completely different direction next time around.

We raised the bar a lot with Broly so we’re trying to avoid becoming burnt out. I think Dragon Ball will continue from here on out so we want you all to look forward to what’s coming up next.

Hayashida: There are a lot of things that we have come to see through raising the bar so much.

This time we went so crazy on things such as staffing and casting that it made even myself think that it would not be possible to get any better.
But with this experience in hand, we will continue to aim even higher and higher.

lyoku: There are a bunch of things that we could not do this time, so I think whatever comes next will be even more incredible. Please look forward to it.

Is Dragon Ball Super Anime still Coming?
Yes, this movie is not related to the anime as per Geekdom, it will return eventually this year but not in July or maybe in July with a sudden announcement but this year definitely.

Why Dragon Ball Super 2 Anime is not yet announced?
Super really lives, and it will return this year with anime series, dbs2019 has good sources and insiders working there!

There are several reasons for the delay of Super Anime announcement:

  1. One Piece Stampede Movie on August 9, 2019 (Any announcements related to other animes will impact the movie promotion of One Piece).
  2. Better Animation and storyline for the new Super 2.

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