Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Release Date, Spoilers, Vegeta vs Granola

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 will feature Vegeta vs Granola. The Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 release date is July 20, 2024. Spoilers, Leaks not released yet.

The last Chapter really defeated the ultimate form of Goku’s Ultra Instinct as even that form hat opening vital points which were caught by Granola, but Vegeta is about to fight Granola and he has already angered him, what plan does Vegeta have to defeat Granola?


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Release Date and Time

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 release date is 20 July 2024. Release Time is 11:59 PM Japan Standard Time.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 Spoilers, Leaks, Raw Scans

Dragon Ball Super 74 Spoilers Status: Chapter Spoilers, Leaks not released yet

Will Vegeta be able to beat Granola after he has angered him, does he have a plan? Will he use the destruction energy taught by Beerus to beat Granola.

Stay tuned for further leaks, the raw will release around the 17th of July, 2024. We will update you all with any new information releases about this new manga release. Bookmark us to see this post later, we will update you all soon.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 Recap

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 73 continues the story of Granola The Survivor Arc as Super Saiyan Blue Goku Vs Granolah begins with the two going back and forth as Vegeta investigates his surrounding environment as Granola Vs Goku results in a momentary draw. Vegeta does remember something about the Cerelians.

Granola then uses a technique similar to Moro’s in causing energy to rise from the ground in nearly consuming Goku whole! It was later where Goku reveals and unleashes Mastered Ultra Instinct form as this results in Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Granola!

Perfect Ultra Instinct Goku displays unbelievable power against Granola as Goku puts Granolah down momentarily before learning the truth about Granolah’s clone. The real Granola was hiding the entire time, using a clone with a small portion of his power to fight the Saiyans with, until he later emerges and one-shots Goku, knocking him out!

Before Granola can finish Goku off, Vegeta intervenes to save Goku and challenges Granola as his next opponent. With Vegeta Vs Granolah up next, can Vegeta survive? Vegeta envokes anger in Granola before fighting him, what is up Vegeta’s sleeve would be interesting to watch. Thanks to Unrealentgaming Youtube for reporting.

Speculations for future DBS Manga Chapters

These things might happen in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Chapters 74, 75, 76 and would be really interesting to see!

  • Are we going to see Goku, Vegeta Vs Granola in the upcoming chapters?
  • Will there be any role of OG73i?
  • Goku getting angel powers, Vegeta getting god of destruction powers
  • Granola Vs Frieza maybe Freeza dies again?
  • Gohan Vs Granola who knows who will have to fight Granola first?
  • Is it possible to see Granolah Vs Goku leading to seeing Oatmeal Vs Goku?
  • Vegeta Vs Oatmeal? Goku Vs OG73? Vegeta Vs OG73? What could any of this mean? What could this arc have in store for our heroes?
  • The lifespan left for Granola before he dies
  • Could DBS Manga Chapter 74 open more doors to endless possibilities down the road?
  • Will Vegeta learn the destruction energy technique properly?

DBS Manga Discussion

The Dragon Ball Super Series is live on Shueisha’s V Jump monthly magazine in Japan and the latest chapter will be Chapter 74, and the Viz Media and Mangaplus website are publishing it in their Shonen Jump digital magazine in the United States and can be read from any other country through their websites in English. Also, Read the Latest Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter.

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