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Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump and Viz Media release of the latest Dragon Ball Super released earlier this week made it possible for the fans to get a glimpse of Vegeta’s new “God of Destruction” form. Let’s have a look at Vegeta’s new form.

Vegeta Hakaishin enters the fighting stage!


Vegeta New Form VS Granolah

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74, during Vegeta and Granolah’s intense fight on planet Cereal, we get to see them showcase their incredible powers, causing destruction in the planet and forcing Sugarians to panic.

In the final pages of the chapter, Granola manages to find an opening, and hits Vegeta straight in the belly with his hand, breaking his armor, and causing the Saiyan Prince to spit out blood.

However, it’s not over for Vegeta as he suddenly shows a battle-crazed face, then transforms inside a massive column of flames.

While Granola may seem like he is at an advantage, Vegeta is able to put up a fight, and in the final pages of Chapter 74, we saw him transform into what appears to be a God of Destruction form, Vegeta emerges out of the flames, fully-transformed, with more muscular built, dark hair, and no eyebrows – similar to Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 transformation from the Dragon Ball Z. The Saiyan Prince suspects this to be the result of his training with Beerus.

Vegeta, who has been struggling to find a way to equal Goku that doesn’t involve learning Ultra Instinct, seems to have finally found an alternative. Beerus expresses that he possesses other techniques that don’t rely on achieving tranquility like Ultra Instinct, and offered them to Vegeta. Vegeta was clearly excited by this opportunity and engaged in harsh training.

Vegeta God of Destruction Form vs Goku Ultra Instinct?

It seems Vegeta’s new transformation still somehow involves Instinct, as he declares, “A God of Destruction taught me… that power derived solely from Instinct… is unbounded.” Despite this his new ability seems very different from Goku’s, suggesting Vegeta may have found a way to make Ultra Instinct his own. When Vegeta begins transforming, Goku senses Vegeta’s energy to be changing, saying, “Feels like god chi to me… but… not just any old god chi!” It’s evident that Goku must be referring to Beerus’ energy. Vegeta’s aura also looks hugely different from Goku’s when he achieves Ultra Instinct. Rather than possessing an ethereal quality, it’s aggressive in nature.

Now, fans have created their own versions of how this new form will appear in color, suspecting it to have a purple Aura.

Vegeta New Form Fan Works:

Colored Version of Vegeta New form:

[Destruction and Rawness] Vegeta (God of Destruction Mode)

Dragon Ball Super – [Vegeta God of Destruction]

These fan artworks show how the fans are hyped about Vegeta’s new form. “Vegeta” was trending on Twitter earlier this week, and fans are still talking about it. We have yet to see what Vegeta’s new transformation could do. It’s likely that we will see his insane new powers in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super chapter.

The next Dragon Ball Super chapter will most likely show Vegeta showcasing the incredible powers of his new form, Goku might step in to stop the fight after realizing that Granola is not really evil, just driven by revenge.

It’s about time Vegeta gets a new form that could potentially match Goku’s Ultra Instinct form!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 Spoilers, Leaks, Raw Scans

Dragon Ball Super 75 Spoilers Status: Chapter Spoilers, Leaks, Summary not released yet

Stay tuned for further leaks, the raw will release around the 15th of August 2024. We will update you all with any new information releases about this new manga release. Bookmark us to see this post later, we will update you all soon.

Granola ponders on Vegeta’s statement earlier as Vegeta continued to fight back until revealing to Granolah the depths of his true power and evolution by channeling the power of a God Of Destruction! Hakaishin Vegeta is born! Pinkish-Red Ki starts erupting from Vegeta, his forehead turns like that of SSJ3, and his body is bulkier, God Of Destruction Vegeta is revealed in the end with Granola speechless but what does this mean going forward? Vegeta’s new form is totally sick!

Will Hakaishin Vegeta Vs Granolah be the last battle we see on Planet Cereal? Are we going to see a Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Granolah rematch? How will Granolah Vs God Of Destruction Vegeta end? Does Vegeta have any vital points in the new form?

The next Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 is scheduled to release on 20th August.