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For those people who thought that MCU will tend to be in a slowdown after Endgame are totally wrong. It has just begun and this growth will last. Marvel Cinematic Universe has more growth potential even after Avengers.

The game of billions has just started, Captain Marvel crossed 1.2 Billion, Endgame Crossed 2.3 Billion, Spiderman Far From Home too will be a hit!

The untitled movies in the schedule of Marvel likely are Black Panther, a Black Widow movie, and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 which might feature Thor.

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Disney revealed this Tuesday that we’ll have eight new Marvel movies by the end of 2024.

We’ll be seeing two in 2020 (on May 1 and Nov. 6); three in 2024 (on Feb. 12, May 7 and Nov. 5); and three in 2024 (Feb. 18, May 6, and July 29) reported by Cnet.

After the Fox Merger with Disney we can expect something big, Marvel Comic teams the X-Men and Fantastic Four joining the MCU. We might see another Spider-Man movie too, following the release of Far From Home on July 2nd this year.

Films other than MCU

Disney also confirmed about the Star Wars films, with each movie being released every alternative year starting December 2024.

The first of the new three films will hit the big screen on Dec. 16, 2024. There will be two other follow-ups that will premiere in the Christmas festivities on Dec. 20, 2024, and Dec. 18, 2026.

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James Cameron’s long-awaited “Avatar 2” will hit theaters on Dec. 17, 2024, and the “Avatar 3” will open on Dec. 22, 2024, while “Avatar 4” will release on Dec. 19, 2025.

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We are really excited about the upcoming movies by the following studios, bringing together a long list of films from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Lightstorm, Fox to create extraordinary experiences of life for the people around the world.

So, don’t lose hope and get ready for the upcoming years.

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