The news that shook the “Black Clover” fans was the news about the ending of the series. With a total of 170 episodes, the TV anime adaptation of Black Clover will be coming to an end on March 30, 2024.Asta from the black clover

The Anime has gathered a  huge worldwide following and has become one of the most popular anime of the current generation. While the tv show is ending the manga is said to be continued.


What’s going on in Balck Clover?

The first look at the penultimate episode of Black Clover’s anime (Episode 169) reveals what’s going on with Noelle and the others in the Heart Kingdom after their fight with Vanica, but the main draw will be Astas training with Nacht and enacting the Devil-Binding Ritual. As teased with the opening theme of the series, Asta’s devil made a full in the flesh appearance.

Why is Black Clover coming to an END?

Black Clover is about to release its final episode on the 30th of March 2024. Black Clover fans loved the show and also its consistency in delivering episodes on time. Creating high-quality anime takes a huge amount of effort and a lot of time that is the reason why seasons are always delayed or one season is released after 2 or 3 years.

Black Clover has stood out by delivering episodes on time without affecting the quality of animation. It’s a commendable achievement.


For the previous few months, the anime has sped up the storyline which made it come close to the manga’s current chapter. Once the anime for the ongoing chapter has been finished making, it usually runs out of source material for newer content.

So the decision to stop Black Clover anime in the middle of an ongoing arc will not be a bad option. It will not only give the manga a good time to catch up on the story but as well as give the animators working on the anime some well-deserved rest.

While the fans might not seem happy, but they can always go for reading the manga of the anime.

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Black Clover Ending: What Next?

The anime is about to end in the middle of a great ongoing story. There are gonna be dozens of unanswered questions and many unresolved plot-points in the anime.

The producers have told that there is an important announcement that going to be announced. There is a very good chance that the show will most likely return in the near future given the popularity of the show.

This is a good time for the anime and its casts to take a break so that when it eventually comes it will have enough good original manga stories to last for a few seasons.

The producers might also be planning to release a movie and so have put a stop to the anime like Kimetsu No Yaiba did last year. One thing is certain, Black Clover is certain to come back one way or another.

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