As Justice League is coming close to its release, it’s getting fans, even more, hyped up.  Zack Snyder is surely very active on his Twitter and Vero handle, sharing promo pics, teasers, and some new news every day.

Make sure to check it out. So without any delay let’s talk about recent things that have surfaced. This post will take you through the Justice League: Black and White release, Steppenwolf and Amazonians fight, and Batman’s Nightmare Sequence. Also, another new trailer is about to be dropped this Sunday. Snyder’s Cut premieres on 18th March, HBO Max.

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“Justice Is Gray” Black and White Edition: Justice League 

Back in November 2020, Zack Snyder indicated towards a Black & White IMAX version of Justice League. He says,” My ideal version of the movie is the black-and-white IMAX version of the movie,” also, “That to me is the most fan-centric, most pure, most Justice League experience”. In addition to that Zack also posted a clip while working on the same. Want to what’s in the clip, then let’s move on to the next section.

Steppenwolf vs Amazons:

You must remember the Steppenwolf and Amazon battle when the former comes to take Mother Box from thermscriya from the 2017’s Justice League. After that a lot has already happened, we got the new look of Steppenwolf. Which to be honest is more accurate and amazing than his previous version. This clip shows some Spine chilling action and fans can expect to have more fight sequences like this one. As Zack Snyder’s Justice League is R-Rated. here’s a 16-sec clip straight from the editing bay of zack.

Here is Zack’s version of Steppenwolf: which looks way more accurate and amazing than the previous version. Which one’s your favorite? Lets us know in the comment box.

Steppenwolf Snyder's Version
Steppenwolf Snyder’s Version | Image By HBO Max

Batman’s Nightmare Sequence:

In Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice we got a glimpse of batman’s nightmare sequence. Zack included this to set up Justice League (his version).  The nightmare is where superman turns into a servent of Apokolips. The sequence will further be taken in Justice League Snyder’s cut. Recently zack shared with his fans some new shoot photos of Batman and Joker, have a look.

Joker: Batman Nightmare SequenceBatman Nightmare Sequence
Joker | Image by Zack Snyder


Batman Nightmare Sequence
Batman Nightmare Sequence | Image by Zack Snyder

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