Kingdom Chapter 690 Spoilers, Release Date, Scan leaks

Today we will be taking up the topic kingdom chapter 690 spoilers, release date, scan leaks. The Japanese manga was created by Yasuhisa Hara. Yasuhisa himself writes and illustrates the Manga. It is being serialized in the weekly young jump from January 2006. Presently the manga has 62 volumes published. The series come under the historical and military genre. The story has been adapted from the warring states period which is a Chinese history period. this period lasted until 221 BC when China unified.

The plot centers around Xin and Piao who work as servants in a village of qin. They are war orphans. Their goal is to undergo vigorous training and one day become the great generals of the heavens. As they go about their life, suddenly Piao is taken to the castle by a minister. A few months pass and one day Piao returns back to the village almost on the brink of death. He asks Xin to go to another village. He does as Piao asks only to find a young man who looks similar to Piao. Xin learns that this man is Ying Zheng the current King of Qin. He comes to know that Piao served as a body double for the king and was wounded in the process which caused his death.

Even though Xin was angry at first he later helps the king to oust his half-brother Cheng Jiao and to reclaim the Qin throne. They succeed in doing so and Xin starts his military life as a Qin soldier. After that, he becomes the commander on the battlefields. He persistently chases his dream and also continues helping the King to make his dream of unification to end the incessant warfare come true. Keep Reading to know more about Kingdom Chapter 690


Kingdom Chapter 690 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 690

Kingdom Chapter 690 Release Date is on the 30th of August 2024. The chapter was originally set to release on the 21st of August but got delayed due to various circumstances. The fans will have to wait just for a few more days until the official release of the upcoming chapter. The raw scans of the manga are not available yet. Make sure to bookmark this page and keep checking the site to get the latest updates on Kingdom Chapter 690.

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Kingdom Chapter 690 Spoilers

Kingdom Chapter 690

Kingdom Chapter 690 Spoilers are not out yet. But here is what we know about the story so far. Previously we saw that Shin shifts to sword fighting. Even after switching, he wasn’t able to best his opponent. Even though he has got back his edge in the fight, it seems the opponent is not very easy to defeat. Even so, he doesn’t seem to fear GakuHaku. This is turning out to be an uncanny fight. GakuHaku has exceptional skills in sword fighting and also in martial arts. Even though Shin has good sword fighting skills, he is not well trained in martial arts. It is pretty sure GakuHaku can overpower him in martial arts.

Shin decides to switch his style and his way of thinking. Even though Shin is battling Gakuhaku physically, he is also simultaneously battling against time. Shin’s unit called the Hi Shin Unit has started losing to the enemy troops. All their efforts will be in vain if Shin doesn’t make it there in time. Shin is being charged by enemies from left and right and this is distracting him. We will have to wait until the next chapter to find out what Shin does and if he will be able to overcome the enemy.

There is an argument going on between Shin and Gakuhaku. Shin says that whoever emerges victorious from their battle will also win the argument. We cant wait to see who will emerge victorious in Kingdom Chapter 690.

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