My Hero Academia Chapter 278
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Hello, everyone. My Hero Academia Chapter 278 will reveal Eraser head vs Shigaraki. My Hero Academia Chapter 278 Release Date is July 19, 2020. Spoilers, Leaks, Raw Images will release soon. Images by Chris.

The last chapter shows Bakugo and Deku have their work cut out for them, as the two try to defend Aizawa from Shiggy, while Eraserhead erases All for One! How does Endeavor do against Shigaraki as he returns to the battlefield, and what’s going on with Gigantomachia at the mansion?

The chapter will now release on July 19, 2020, due to a delay of a week.


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My Hero Academia 278 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks

BNHA Chapter 278 Spoiler Status: No Spoilers, raw scans, summary, leaks Released yet.

The BNHA Chapter spoilers, leaks, raw scans, summaries, English translations have not been released. Only the above information leaked till yet.

My Hero Academia 278

We will update you as soon as possible when new information releases. Spoilers are getting a general delay these days, so be patient.

Boku no Hero Academia aka My Hero Academia is a popular Japanese manga by Kohei Horikoshi.

It is already live in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in Japan, and the Viz Media site is publishing it in their Weekly Shonen Jump digital anthology magazine in the United States and can be ready from any country through Viz and Mangaplus webcomic websites in English.

My Hero Academia Chapter 277 Recap

We see Deku and Bakugo team up to face Shigaraki! Boku no Hero Academia chapter 277 sees Shigaraki continue to fight the heroes as Eraser Head deletes his quirks. Deku, Bakugo, and Endeavor team up to fight Shigaraki and he declares to Aall For One that he will surpass his old villain master. Meanwhile, Gigantomachia charged towards Shigaraki with the League of Villains.

Will Mt. Lady be able to hold off Gigantomachia!?

My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 277 covers AFO talking through Shigaraki’s body to Endeavor, Deku & Bakugo to steal One For All for himself. We might see the possible take over from All For One that will do to help destroy hero society in the future. Nana Shimura is also mentioned, All Might’s former master but Shigaraki AFO does not know who she is. When Shigaraki will try to steal OFA from Deku Midoriya, it is likely he will meet her for the first time.

Shigaraki is able to use all for one along with his original decay quirk. Will Deku lose his quirk One for all soon? We have to wait and see, the next chapter would be really great. We definitely know something big will happen in the next My Hero Academia Chapter 278.

Will Deku be the last user of One for all?

It looks like that, every evidence is pointing to it, he has to defeat all for one and his manifestation. In Conclusion, the theory given by Anime Balls Deep Youtube is pretty much promising. Deku has to defeat and end this once and for all.

Boku No Hero Academia Manga Discussion

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