My Hero Academia Chapter 324

The topic we will be taking up today is My Hero Academia 324 Chapter Spoilers, Manga Raw Scans Revealed. In Japanese, the series is called Boku no Hero Academia. The series is being written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. It was made available in the Weekly Shōnen Jump in July 2014. On the 29th of October in 2015, the official Twitter account of my hero academia announced that the series will be getting an anime adaptation. 

The plot of the series revolves around Izuku Midoriya. Over the years humans have evolved and have developed certain quirks. With these quirks, they are able to fight off evil villains and powers. The world is now swarming with people who are called Heroes who use their powers to fight off evil. Izuku also wishes to become an amazing hero when he grows up. But much to his dismay Izuku finds out that he was born without a quirk. But Izuku decides not to give up and aims to become the greatest hero like All might who is currently the number one hero in the world.


My Hero Academia Chapter 324 Release Date:

According to the reports, the release for My Hero Academia Chapter 324 is scheduled for the next Sunday, August 29, 2024. The raw scans for My Hero Academia chapter 324 manga will be leaked out 2-3 days as usual before and it might even come out a bit earlier than that, but we would be better off waiting for the official release.

Where to read My Hero Academia Chapter 324 online?

Fans who want to read My Hero Academia episode 324 can visit Viz media’s My Hero Academia site, Manga-Up with Shonen Jump, and Mangaplus for free. It is good to read the manga online for free from the official website since it would help the creators and will inspire them to make new more interesting stories.

Izuku’s Encounter With All Might

One day Izuku accidentally bumps into his idol All might. After talking to him and seeing him jump in to rescue his friend who is in danger All might becomes impressed with Young Midoriya. He decides to pass on his power All for One to Midoriya and retire from his hero career. He helps train Midoriya to become the greatest hero of the world. Keep reading to know more about My Hero Academia Chapter 324 Spoilers, Release Date.

My Hero Academia Chapter 324

Now it has been announced that the new chapter will come out on the 29th of August, 2024. Once the new chapter releases fans can head over to Viz Media’s Official Website to read the manga legally. My Hero Academia Chapter 324 will also be available on Manga Plus for the fans to read.

My Hero Academia Chapter 324 Spoilers

Warning: The rest of the article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 324

My Hero Academia Chapter 324 starts off where the last chapter left us. Uraraka keeps continuing her speech on how Deku is such a great person. That is when a woman who was saved by Deku interrupts her and tells everyone how after saving her Deku immediately left to fight off the rest of the villains. We see Iida saying that Uraraka is trying to protect everyone’s smile with her speech. This makes Deku explode into tears and also calls out Uraraka’s name loudly. The chapter also takes us on a flashback to the time Deku first met Uraraka.

My Hero Academia Chapter 323 Recap

In chapter 323 we saw that Midoriya’s arrival at U.A high school was met by a strong backlash. Some people thought that his attendance would attract Shigaraki and the other villains. At the beginning of the chapter, they take us to a flashback in which we see the students gathered in the principal’s office. The principal was shown praising the strength of the barriers around the school. The students however believed that getting Deku back was necessary to calm the people down.

While the civilians don’t want to know anything about Deku, Uraraka is determined to stay with him. Knowing her, she will take care of Deku’s accommodation. Despite the possibility of a major internal revolt, all members of the AU will undoubtedly support Deku in this situation. 

He’s been through a lot and now his friends want to help him get through it. We also notice that several of the ancestors are conversing with Deku, which implies that they are up to something. Overall, things are looking good for him going forward, and he should be able to face AFO to the best of his ability.

mha chapter 324

But Nezu disagrees with them and believes that Deku was the ace up their sleeve and Deku should be provided tight security as soon as possible. He goes on to compare U.A’s new barrier and Tartarus’ security. The Tartarus’ security was easily penetrable by Shigaraki and the villains. However, U.A’s barrier allowed the whole school to move locations. Also, the numerous metal plates underground the school helps hold back any surprise ambushes.

We see Jeanist trying to convince the civilians that Deku is not a danger. Even though Deku is Shigaraki’s target he is also the hero’s greatest power. Even though letting Deku enter is not the best decision, there is no time to come up with another plan. This statement receives several backlashes from the civilians. Uraraka steps in to calm them down and explains why Deku is important to their plan.

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About My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular Japanese manga series set in a world where almost everyone is born with superpowers. The series revolves around the journey of Deku, who wishes to become a hero like All Might.

In the last few manga chapters, things have been rocky for Deku; however, his classmates assure him that he isn’t alone in the battle. And after so long, Deku finally listened to what his friends had to say. Now, everyone is eager to see how things will pan out in the upcoming chapter.