My Hero Academia Season 5

It seems like it was just yesterday when My Hero Academia Season 4 was starting and now we are in the long wait for My Hero Academia Season 5. MHA is known for being one of the most ongoing modern shonen series at the moment in many aspects. Because of the popularity of the shonen series, it naturally got as huge as it did.

The question is, when is My Hero Academia Season 5 releasing? The answer to it is simple. Watch your favorite anime on Crunchyroll.

Note: This article does not involve any spoilers.

My Hero Academia Season 5 released

The My Hero Academia season 5, episode 1 (Episode 90 in total) release date is Saturday, April 3, 2024, and not this week. The air time is expected to be an exceptionally early one: 2:30 am Pacific/5:30 am Eastern. That’s 10:30 am BST in the UK. Episode 0 will release at the same time forming in total as Episode 89.


My Hero Academia Season 5 Trailer

My Hero Academia Season 5 release date, news with trailer footage revealed, and breakdown of it. Not that long of one but there is plenty of stuff to see here. The first thing we see is our main character Deku, who looks the same as he always does. Also, we get to see Koji Koda who hasn’t been that big of a character but as we know his quirk is to communicate with animals. It’s our first time to see Bakugou in his new hero costume in the anime.

Bakugou’s other members of his squad Hiroshima & Kamanari, who have not changed much in designs the last time we saw them in season 4. Also, the ‘do or die’ survival training ova just came out. In the first arc, we get to see characters put into teams and paired up in different sets of characters. The designs in girls of class 1-A haven’t changed much, but we have Giro, Uraka, Froppy, Mina in their winter costumes, slightly different in their designs.

The joint training arc will heavily feature class 1-B and will show these characters training with the main cast. We get close-ups of all almighty Kamanari, Deku & Bakugou. The biggest thing shown is our first shot of Shinzo. We haven’t seen him in action since MHA season 2 at the sports festival. Just like in the key visual that was also shown he is wearing a mouthpiece like Izawa. It is predicted he may be fighting using Izawa’s binding clothes.

It seems like we get to see more of Shinzo and Izawa’s relationship and how Shinzo learned to use the gear and why in MHA Season 5. But, he is not a part of class 1-A or class 1-B. If y’all remember, he isn’t even in the hero course at all. Looks like now he has the chance to be a part of it, here in My Hero Academia Season 5. You can check out the trailer here.

Where to Watch?

I’d recommend you to watch My Hero Academia Season 5 on Crunchyroll, Funimation or Hulu. These are some popular streaming sources with some pretty good subtitles. Currently, My Hero Academia is not on Netflix.

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MHA Season 5: Is it getting on in Netflix?


Now, there are multiple things to understand. Firstly, how Netflix works when it comes to anime. There’s anime it owns the rights to and anime just pays for a license to have it on their app. MHA would be the second type of anime it has. Every single anime series that is not a Netflix exclusive airs weekly.

For some reason with every anime that ever gets announced, the fans always wonder if it will release all the episodes at once. But, for the most part, that’s just a Netflix thing. The only areas where anime like MHA airs weekly on Netflix are Asian countries. As for everywhere else, it would not air on Netflix for quite some time. It wouldn’t air until the season finished airing. But even it wouldn’t be guarantee to release on the platform because Netflix then negotiates a deal to purchase a license to release the season on their platform.

When talking about MHA, if you go on Netflix right now, the season number isn’t even at season 4. In countries like the USA & New Zealand, you can unlock and start watching right now. This is because Netflix is different in certain areas. There are methods to connect to other countries which you have to pay for. While Netflix may not have the series, or even My Hero Academia Season 5. The platform is doing its best to cater to its anime fanbase.

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 How Covid-19 pandemic affected the production

The outbreak of Covid-19 has badly affected the production of My Hero Academia Season 5. The pandemic has devasted the global Entertainment industry & almost brought it to a standstill. The loss in the entertainment industry is unfathomable. Unless, the world, mainly Japan recovers from the pandemic situation, we can’t expect developmental updates on MHA Season 5.

MHA Season 4: Finale Episode Synopsis

While the main focus of the MHA Season 4 finale was the fight between Endeavor and an enhanced Nomu, Deku steals the focus waking up from an intense dream. But what does it all mean in this instance? Where is his ‘one for all’ quirk taking him to My Hero Academia Season 5 anime series? Although manga readers who have caught up should already know.

In Izuku Midoriya’s dream, we see his body all covered in some sort of black billowing smoke except for his right hand. We then see the previous predecessors of past wielders of ‘One For All’ as they face the villains ‘All For One.’ All For One’s brother the original predecessor of ‘One For All’ quirk reaches out to Deku and utters, “So you are the 9th quirk.” Later, the kid starts panting like crazy before waking up as he starts at his glowing right hand. This scene left a lot of fans on a cliffhanger. Well here’s the low down.

MHA Season 4: Previous Predecessors

The scene in the final episode of MHA Season 4 will undoubtedly be expanded upon. Most of the fans assume what Deku saw wasn’t a fleeting dream, it was the reminiscence of the past holders of the quirk. But why was his right hand glowing once Deku woke? All these questions and assumptions will be answered in My Hero Academia Season 5. So we will leave it there and save the surprise for later.

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 Is it worth reading the Manga?

From MHA Manga

My Hero Academia aka Boku no Academia manga has released 18 books, 29 volumes so far. Horikoshi, the creator of the manga MHA is working on more strips to build more chapters. The series is so popular worldwide its already spawned an anime, which has received high praise from fans of the manga.

MHA: About the Anime

My Hero Academia aka Boku no Academia is known for being one of the best ongoing modern shonen series at the moment in many aspects. My Hero Academia does things well in terms of, character development, fights, designs, and concept. And because of the popularity of shonen series, it naturally got as huge as it did.

The story revolves around a society filled with quirks, people born with special abilities. A world where professional heroes are highly respected and the government pays them for their services. Heroes are in peril and lives are at stake, and that is when the series takes a turn of events.

From My Hero Academia

It’s a pretty balanced story for the most part. It became one of those stories that showed up right on time when Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, etc had ended. The characters all have different ways, the parallels among the characters are pretty cool. It does well-showing everything that it takes to be a hero. It also has compelling villains and the list goes on.

MHA pulls a lot of some of the same stuff from the other shounen manga, but they don’t go overboard with it. It’s a little show since many characters have to be introduced then developed. The show also tries to keep up the plot going and see what’ll happen next. It’s a highly action-packed series. Now, that My Hero Academia Season 5 is around the corner, fans are anticipated.

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