My Hero Academia Vigilantes is finally catching up to MHA in terms of cliffhangers and top-class characters. We are constantly coming across top-ranked heroes and the villains are getting smarter and stronger with every chapter. Now we get to see a smart plan called “Operation Anonymous” unfold. But due to its undefined threat level, All might may not tend to the scene and will most likely leave the job for the Best Jeanist to handle. This article will update you weebs on My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 100 Release Date, Will All Might Appear Again?

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 100 Release Date

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 100 Release Date is confirmed to release on April 23rd, 2021. We have finally reached the 100th chapter of My Hero Academia Vigilantes. It has been a long and bumpy journey for the staff and publishers, but in the end, it all turned out good. Initially, the series was not recognized and didn’t get the respect it deserved due to foreshadowing a manga giant. But as time passed by, the series has gained credit and is most likely going to receive an anime adaptation in the near future.

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About My Hero Academia Vigilantes

Koichi Haimawari is a college student and aspires to be a hero. But his quirk known as Sliding isn’t very useful and cannot be compared to the powers of those whom the society calls heroes. One day Kouichi is saved by a vigilante and joins their group to take down the bad guy in the shadows. They don’t need a license to do good, they use their mediocre powers to prevent the bad guys from reaching the surface.