Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 12 Release Date, and more

Image by Surgeon-Art Deviantart

Hello, everyone. We all were expecting something from Official Dragon Ball Super accounts as per the Shintani Art Goku Image teasing ‘something special’ earlier.

We have got some information on Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 12 Release Date (June), and its Synopsis reported by Cipher and translated by Herms98.

We haven’t got much about Dragon Ball Super release yet, but please don’t lose hope they will announce the Super Anime soon, be patient for the news this month only and it will be out eventually, approximately in July, don’t believe any cover-ups.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 12 English Sub Synopsis and Air Date

Title: Calling all Super Warriors Universe 7’s Decisive Battle!!!

DBH Episode 12 will Stream in late June ending. The battlefield moves back to Universe 7, Goku, Trunks, Vegeta face off against Hearts and Kamioren.

Meanwhile, in Universe 3, the rampaging Cumber clashes with Cooler (who has obtained a new power). Fu is back in evil action after so many episodes, he is observing all fights from somewhere far.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 11

The episodes of DBH are short, though with nice animation and story. Kindly, wait for the Super’s announcement this month, stay tuned with us.


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