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This is a piece of major news for Dragon Ball Super fans. Everything you need to know about Dragon Ball and its upcoming continuation is in this post.

Fans are eagerly waiting for it to happen. New Dragon Ball is Coming Soon with Movie or Anime?

As per Geekdom101, who covered and reported this story it will be soon enough. For more updates join our Discord or chat with us on Twitter.

Ryo Horikawa, The Japanese Voice of Vegeta has met with TOEI Animation about a ‘NEW’ Dragon Ball Project and has tweeted for the same. He also tweeted that it has been a long time.

Is this DBS Returning in 2020? Also, we discuss the rumors of the ‘LIVE-ACTION’ Dragon Ball Movie coming or a new animated movie in 2023?

Just to reiterate, things are moving behind the scenes, but we’re unsure as to WHAT is coming and in what order: A movie then a TV show or a TV show then a movie?

Plans changed for sure earlier this year for which everyone got sad but we think it was for the better. Let’s wait and see.

Here is the original tweet by Japanese Voice of Vegeta:


A new Dragon Ball Movie or Anime which comes first?

Jump Festa is also coming soon but we don’t see anything happening this soon. Don’t expect too much for this year.

A logical sense would be a movie first and then Anime adapting it acting as a launchpad, just like it happened for the Ressurection F and Battle of Gods.

The order will depend on many factors and things but official account posting, sharing such thing about Dragon Ball high-level meeting news, which surely would be news of big intensity.

Something is going on behind the scenes as Voice actors are only called when a story and other things are ready, we just have to wait now, but be excited. One of the main characters’ (Vegeta) Japanese Voice Actors would not lie on his personal Twitter account.

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Will the new Story adapt from DBS Manga?

It might be the case but there is no information on it yet.

Will the New Anime or Movie would be called ‘Super’?

It could be Dragon Ball Super, or Super Season 2 (2uper) or a wholly different name altogether.

‘DISNEY LIVE-ACTION’ Dragon Ball Movie coming?

No, that is still just a ‘rumor’, none of any authority websites like IGN, or any credible account/source has posted about this Disney Dragon Ball Live action.

Chances are very slim for it to be true. Because nothing can happen without TOEI or Shueisha’s permission/approval, there is no confirmation from any of their end. They are not involved yet.

So, what do you all think? Comment down your opinions below regarding Dragon Ball’s future.

Next year would definitely bring something good. After all Dragon Ball fetches them huge chunks of profit.

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