One Piece Chapter 1004 Spoilers, Leaks and Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1004 leaks and spoilers are out finally. Which reveals that the manga title and a rough summary of the storyline. There are so many things in the manga story as it is hard to keep track of everything. While this new chapter will focus on the characters down the roof as predicted and things will be very clear soon.

Caution: For those who are reading, this article contains spoilers and leaks of the upcoming chapter.


One Piece Chapter 1004 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1004 is officially set to release online on Sunday, February 14, 2024, as per reports. we recommend you to read this One Piece chapter online and also other manga. Because it keeps your device safe and secure also, it helps the creators. This One Piece Chapter 1004 can be read online for free and that too legally from the following sources.

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One Piece Chapter 1004

While One Piece Chapter 1005 is expected to launch next Sunday which is February 28 as per the reports. But, the sad truth is One Piece manga will be on break next week. So, the new chapter is not coming on next Sunday.

One Piece Chapter 1004 Spoilers, Summary and Title Explained

While the leaks and spoilers are out now in Korean scans. While the manga is out early Tuesday and most of the fans are not even aware of spoilers. It seems that the fan theories are coming true where Otama uses his powers against the enemies and make sure that they help Luffy and others.

One Piece Chapter 1004 is named after “Kibbi Dango“. Which refers to the food ball made by Otama with her devil fruit powers. Which let her control all kinds of animals. Otama uses Kibbi Dango against the headliners and gifters who want to change sides but forced by SMILE devil fruits.

This chapter 1004 reveals that the Otama uses headliner Speed’s ship to reach Onigashima. She arrives quickly without getting spotted. The headlines also suggest that headliners and Gifters are going to eat the dangos to become Luffy’s allies.

One Piece Chapter 1004

Though there are some quick panels of Franky vs Sasaki, Nami using “Thunderlance Tempo” against Ulti. While Usopp shooting dangos at the enemies but, one of the panels shows that Black Maria is saying something regarding Nico Robin.

One Piece Chapter 1004 spoilers also reveal that Bao Huang found the Red Scabbards with her powers. King then passes the order to end the lives of the Red Scabbards, to Black Maria. It is a hint that there are not 9 persons actually but, 10 people in the area where Red Scabbards are. It seems that the 10th person is helping them and it could be Kanjuro.

Know the powers of Black Maria

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