One Piece Chapter 974

Hello, everyone. This is One Piece Chapter 974 thread containing Spoilers, Release Date, Leaks, updates, raw scans, live countdown, time, speculation, for official English manga air date in this post. One Piece Chapter 974 release date is March 15th, 2020.

In the last chapter 973, it was revealed that Denjiro and Kyoshiro are the same people, also Lady Hiyori (Daughter of Oden) and Komurasaki are the same beings. While the few samurais were sent to the future 20 years ahead by lady Toki using time-time fruit.

The flashbacks are about to end as the story of the past is clearing more details. The Wano new act 4 might begin from now. Lady Toki’s fate was revealed, how she came from the past to turn the events upside down as per Oden.


Release Date of One Piece Chapter 974

Now the One Piece Chapter 974 will release on 15th March 2020. Also, the Time left for One Piece latest Chapter 974 Live Countdown to the next chapter is shown below (Time left for the Chapter for every country):

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One Piece Latest Chapter 974 Spoilers, Raw Scans, leaks

No spoilers of Chapter 974 have released yet, but they will release by 5 march. Fan translations, raw scan leaks, etc. might arrive at that time, therefore, bookmark this page to stay updated.

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What was the result of Oden vs Kaido?

Oden got a big defeat because of cheating by Orochi’s men, as a copy fruit user disguise into Momonosuke and took the advantage, also, Orochi and Kaido resorted to dirty tricks of pirates. Though Oden gave a scar on Kaido’s chest. Currently, chapter 974 won’t contain any fight with Kaido.

One Piece Confirmed as Top-Selling Manga by Crunchyroll

One Piece confirmed to be the best top-selling manga for 2019. Coming in the surprising second spot was the Koyoharu Gotoge’s- ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.’

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