One Piece Episode 968: Release Date, Spoilers, about Joyboy

This is One Piece Episode 968: Release Date, Spoilers, about Joyboy. It looks like we are finally going to see some serious action as the flashback of Oden comes near to its conclusion.


One Piece Episode 968:Preview

In this episode, Roger’s final trip to Laugh Tale is shown. He fights his incurable disease so he can make it to the last island.

We will also see Roger’s reaction upon arriving on the island, as well as the reason why the place is called Laugh Tale.

Before that, Roger leaves Buggy and Shanks on the last island.

One Piece Episode 967: Recap

Roger’s ship flies into the sky when being hit by Knock Up Stream. Shanks was stunned once they arrived since he saw associate degree island.

Buggy notes that it’s a Sky Island and that they are welcome by folks that have stayed there. Oden enjoys riding the wavering, however, he couldn’t ride it properly.

The blokes from Sky Island note that it takes ten years to take care of a hesitation.

Going to the forest, Oden, Shanks, and Buggy were pursued by monsters and snakes. Later they arrive within the Golden town, Shandora. Oden saw a Ponegliff and reads it.

One Piece Episode 968: Release Date and Where to Watch

One Piece Episode 968 will release on Sunday, 4 April 2023, at 9:30 AM. You will be able to watch One Piece online on  CrunchyrollFunimation, and Netflix

One Piece Episode 968: Spoiler

The title of episode 968 will be  “Oden’s return”. Roger Pirates will be celebrating their success after they found Joy Boy’s treasure.

There is no indication if Roger and his crew remained in the country for quite some time.

Roger and Rayleigh

When Oden returns to Wano, his first order of business was to confront Orochi. Oden was mad at Orochi for what he has done in the country. Oden had almost no idea about what happened after he left Wano.

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In response to his anger, he marched into the shogun’s palace in search of Orochi. Probably to spare his life. After this, Kaido’s silhouette appears at the end of the chapter.