One Piece Reveals New Opening

One Piece Reveals New Opening, Key Visuals for Upcoming Episodes. Fans are excited to know more about the key visuals and the theme song. Not a lot of anime can cross the 1000th episode mark, but One Piece is here to stay longer.

Let us get a quick look at the key visuals, official opening, and a lot of other things:


One Piece Reveals New Opening: Official News

The official Twitter account for the series revealed just that as One Piece has shared the first details for the next opening theme. Titled “Paint,” it will be performed by the rock group “I Don’t Like Mondays” and will be debuting with the January 9th episode of the anime.

This will mark the 24th opening theme for the anime’s 1000 episodes thus far, and will be following “Dreamin On” which has been marking the second phase of the Wano Country arc.

One Piece Reveals New Opening: Entire Video

We have managed to get our hands on the new opening. Fans seem to be loving it for the prettiest visuals. Have a look.

People have taken it to Twitter to express their love for the animation. One Piece has been here for a while, and we can only imagine its fanbase. Now that the anime has officially crossed the impressive milestone of 1,000 episodes, it’s time to look ahead to the future for what is coming next as the Wano Country arc continues.

Toei took the opportunity to show a lot more of what’s about to come through this opening. And, many fans might be distressed just for that. The manga reader can realise the spoilers. But, that is a discussion for some other day.

One Piece Reveals New Opening. Are you excited? Right now this is all we have. We will be back again with another anime or manga related article. Till then Stay Tuned with us.

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