Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World

Re: Zero-Starting Life in Another World: Emilia reaches the door to break the spell but, pandora is in front of the door. Pandora is glad, seeing Emilia has finally made till the door of her. But, she doesn’t know where the key is, Emilia got surprised why Pandora is here. As Pandora is battling with Fortuna, Pandora reveals that they are just after a seal. Emilia asks Pandora why are you here, Pandora apologizes.

Pandora replies I want to know about Bishop Romanee-Conti and her mother. She also tells Emilia to not worry as they are safe, and Emilia asks if she is lying?. Pandora says that she won’t hurt anyone but, what they seek is the seal. She will also leave without hurting anyone. But, Pandora has to make some necessary sacrifices.

Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World


Season 2 Part 2 Episode 45 Release Date

This Episode from Re; Zero- Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Part will be released on Wednesday, 17 February 2023, at 10:30 PM. You can read this officially from Crunchyroll.

Re: Zero-Starting Life in Another World Episode 44 Recap

Pandora asks Emilia to hand over the keys for the seal, and Emilia wonders why?.  Pandora says that the seal is in the shape of a door and it won’t open without a key. Pandora reveals that the key in Emilia’s possession. While Emilia says that she knows nothing about it. Pandora comments that hiding things is not wise. Emilia, confess that she knows nothing and doesn’t have the key.

What is this Key?

Pandora tells Emilia that she would destroy everything in the forest until she finds the key. Emilia got scared and reveals that she would open the seal. Pandora praises her as she will open it, which is wonderful of her. Pandora asks if Emilia has the key, but it is obvious that she is a witch’s daughter. Emilia doesn’t understand why Pandora is telling her that she is a witch’s daughter.

Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World

Pandora asks Emilia to open the seal and tries to convince Emilia that as soon as the door opens, they will leave. She is wondering whether to open it or not, after looking at the door. It might Pandora is fooling Emilia, she told Emilia to consider herself as the key for the seal. When Emilia look at her hands, she saw the key emerging, but only she can see it.

Emilia asks Pandora, are you able to see the key. She replies that only qualified ones will the power to possess it. Now Emilia will go and open the door and her wish will be granted. When she wants to open the door, she realizes that she made a promise. Emilia promises her mother, that she will not break the seal. Pandora tells that promises are important, but when the time comes when a decision must be made. Even if it means breaking a promise.

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