Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 29

Re:Zero just finished airing its 2nd Episode for Season 2. Re:Zero Episode 29 is going to air in Japan on 29th July 2020. Earlier Episode of Starting Life in Another World that is Episode 28, aired on 22nd July. Re:Zero is an anime where Subaru our MC get’s reborn in a fantasy world but with a twist, every time he dies he wakes back up to the time right before his death. Image by Diegood.

ReZero first started airing back in October 2018. Since then it has become immensely popular among fans. Re:Zero Episode 29 will continue this journey.


Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 29

Story until Now

Re:Zero Episode 29 Season 2 just started airing, Episode 28th showed Subaru meeting with the Witch of Greed Echidna. She Teleports him to Subaru’s Surprise to attend the Witch’s Tea Party. Echidna is surprised to see Subaru drinking tea made by a witch. Subaru said that if Echidna wanted to kill him he would already be dead. To Echidna’s surprise, Subaru liked the Tea and started complimenting it.

The main reason Subaru came here was to investigate and gain more knowledge about the witches. Echidna explains to Subaru all her Powers and the power of other Witches. Soon after the effects of the Tea starts showing up on Subaru and he passes out. Subaru then somehow manages to wake up Surprising Echidna even more.

Subaru asks Echidna about the Sanctuary and where it was. She informs him of the location and finally asks Subaru if he wanted to stay and get to know her more, to which Subaru Replied that he loves Emilia.

ReZero Episode 29 will probably show more of the relationship between the two and Subaru’s Journey to find the Sanctuary.

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Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World Episode 29 Release Date

Re:Zero Episode 29 is going to air in Japan on 29th July at 10:30 PM JST. ReZero Will be airing the Season 2 on Every Wednesday Night. Here is the Live Countdown below for the release time.

You can also watch the ReZero Episode 29 and the rest of the episodes on Netflix and Crunchyroll as they release.

Re:Zero Season 2 Opening

Re:Zero- Starting Life in Another World Season 2 also has a very good opening track. You can listen to the song here.

That’s all for today on Re: Zero Episode 29, Stay tuned for more updates and stay safe. Also, check about One Piece Chapter 986.

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