Solo Leveling Chapter 165

Today we will be discussing the topic Solo leveling chapter 165 Spoilers, Raw scans, Release Thread. The South Korean webtoon Solo Leveling is also known as I Alone Level Up. The first instalment of the webtoon was published on March 4, 2018. The plot is written by Chugong, and the illustrations are by Jang Sung Rak, also CEO of Redice Studio. On 19th March of 2020, the webtoon’s first season ended. August 1st 2020 marked the beginning of the second season.

Netmarble Corp., one of South Korea’s largest mobile game development companies, is developing a game based on the webtoon. In addition, it has been confirmed that a drama based on the series is currently in production. This webtoon was adapted from an original novel with 270 chapters and 14 volumes. Read on for more information about Solo Leveling Chapter 165 Spoilers, Raw scans, Release Thread.


The plot of Solo Leveling

Sung Jin Woo is the main character and the story follows his exploits. Initially, Sung Jin Woo is not as strong as other hunters in South Korea, and he is not a very powerful person. One day he finds himself trapped in a deadly dual dungeon with his companions. Most hunters who get trapped are not able to escape and die. Despite dying in the dungeon, Sung Jin-Woo completes all of the tasks.

Solo Leveling Chapter 165

He is lying on a hospital bed when he regains consciousness. As a reawakened player, he can now see an interface, showing him quests, stats, inventory, store, and levels. In addition, he can now grow enormously powerful. As he learns more about his newfound powers, he embarks on a journey to become the world’s greatest hunter and to uncover the mysteries of the monster world. Learn about Solo Leveling Chapter 165 Spoilers, Raw scans, Release Thread by reading the rest of this article

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What happened in Chapter 164?

Shadow Monarch gives Jin Woo full control in Solo Leveling Chapter 164. He finds his father fighting against the Ice Monarch and The King of Beasts as soon as he comes out. An element of light is embedded in the body of his father. The King of Beasts announces that he is giving up on the battle. Because he feels they are too powerful, he does not wish to fight them. Despite feeling that this is cowardly, the Ice Monarch continues to fight by himself.

Solo Leveling Chapter 165

The King of Beasts explains to him that he had promised to defeat Sun Jin Woo in his human form, but now he has turned into the Shadow Monarch. He wishes his friend the best of luck. With all of his power, the Ice Monarch destroys all of the areas. As of now, Sun Jin Woo is the Shadow Monarch. The ice is broken as Sun Jin Woo steps out. A thrilling battle between Sun Jin Woo and The Monarch of Frost is about to begin.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 165 Spoilers

In Solo Leveling Chapter 165, we see Sun Jin Woo come out breaking the ice. Fear fills the mind of the Frost monarch as he sees Jin Woo step out of a wall he couldn’t even imagine overcoming. He understands that the difference in power between them is just too large. The Frost Monarch sees an opening and decides to strike despite the power difference. He decides to end everything with one strike, if he misses then it will be the end of him. But his advances don’t even manage to lay a scratch on Jin Woo. That is when the Frost Monarch realises the true power of the strongest monarch and the brilliant fragment of light.

Jin-woo doesn’t finish off the frost monarch instead he decides to save him for last. He then heads to find the king of beast. The king of beast who is fleeing from Jin Woo becomes aware of his advancing aura. He regrets wasting time arguing with the frost monarch. He decides to hide but Jin-woo catches up to him. His instincts tell the king of beast that fleeing will not be a good choice so he decides to bow down to Jin Woo. He also asks to become Jin Woo’s ally and also to forgive his foolish acts.

When Jin Woo agrees, the King of Beast thinks that he is soft and if he was really strong-willed he would never have accepted his apology. But Jin Woo explains that he plans on repaying his debt. He has five scars on his chest from the King of Beast’s attack which he plans on giving back. The raw scan of Solo Leveling Chapter 165 is out now at Kakao Page. Head over there to know what happens next.