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These are the Spider-Man: Far From Home Full Plot Leaked (Big Spoilers). From here by this is the ‘Spoiler Warning’ for all, this post has the whole plot and massive spoilers.

Beware that this is the true plot and might contain some small errors but it is the plot from a person named Agent-S all credits to him as he has seen the full movie and r/marvelstudiospoilers on Reddit. All Images belong to Marvel.

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Spider-Man: Far From Home Full Plot from Reddit (SM-FFH LEAK)

Key Points:

· Movie starts off with Fury and Hill in Mexico, talking about a storm with a face, then quickly they’re facing the Earth Elemental, and Beck then appears to save the day

· Marvel Studios title with “I Will Always Love You” playing

· Midtown newscast playing a homage video to Stark, Rogers, Romanoff, and Vision and then they talk about “The Blip” aka The Snap; people are 5 years older who didn’t “blip” and the people who did are still the same age; the school year restarts

Spider-Man Far From Home

Peter and Ned are talking about the trip and Peter’s plan to tell MJ how he feels

· Peter as Spider-Man and May are doing a homeless support fundraiser; goes backstage where Happy flirts with May, Peter ghosts Fury and goes back out to the crowd for pictures but gets anxious after questions about Stark; leaves and swings off to see the painting of Iron Man outside

· Peter is at home packing, looks at his original blue and red suit, and his Iron Spider suit, and doesn’t pack them; May throws a banana and they talk about the Peter Tingle

· Heads to the airport, Peter wants to sit next to MJ, so Ned makes up a story to Betty and MJ that Peter has a perfume allergy and Mr. Harrington hears, so instead Peter sits with him the entire time; MJ and Brad sit together and Betty and Ned together

· Funny bathroom scene with Peter/MJ/Brad

Full Plot Leak FFH:


· When they land in Italy, Peter gets his suitcase checked, banana gets taken out; Ned and Betty are a couple; they arrive in Venice at their hotel by boat

· The hotel is rundown and old, getting renovations; after they settle in, they visit the plaza and Peter goes off to buy MJ a necklace; he runs into her and they’re walking and that’s when the Water Elemental shows up

· Peter tells Ned to run away with his classmates while he tries to help with no suit on, so he puts on a festival mask, and then Beck comes in and Peter starts helping him by saving a tower from collapsing but gets hit by the bell twice, but still helps

· After the events, they’re watching the news, the Mysterio nickname is created thereby Peter’s classmates, Peter is on the phone with May and Happy, after he talks to MJ about Paris and the Eiffel Tower

· Cuts to Peter and Ned getting ready for bed, Fury knocks Ned out with a tranquilizer, they start talking about the Elementals but keep getting interrupted by teachers or classmates knocking on the door

· They decide to go to the secret bunker where Beck and Peter meet for the first time; Fury gives Peter Tony’s glasses on the boat on the way there

· At the bunker Beck explains the multiverse and that he lost his family because of the Elementals; Peter immediately feels sorry for him; Fury says they need his help in Prague, but Peter says no because his classmates will recognize his suit and he just can’t leave, and Fury understands and sends Peter back to his hotel


· In the morning, Mr. Harrington announces that they’re going to Prague because they were upgraded, and pan to a really nice bus that is driven by one of Fury’s agent

· On the bus, Peter opens the glasses from Tony and there’s a note “For the next Tony Stark,” or something like that; he puts them on and it’s EDITH (Even Dead I’m The Hero, if I remember correctly) and tells Peter that he has access to ALL of Tony’s files, and well everything really; text messages and stuff are shown on screen

· They stop in Austria for a bathroom break, here Fury’s agent tells Peter to go to another room where another agent, attractive agent, is waiting for Peter with his stealth suit; she tells him to take off his clothes and he’s hesitant but after another push from her, he takes off his pants; when his pants are off, Brad walks in thinking it was a bathroom and takes a picture of Peter and the woman

· Peter storms out of the room to tell Brad that it isn’t what it looks like and Brad admits that he likes MJ too and that he was gonna show her the picture which makes Peter mad

· Peter goes back to bus to talk to EDITH about erasing the picture, and makes Brad the target, but EDITH literally sends a drone to kill Brad, and while Peter is trying to call off the drone a funny sequence happens on the bus with everyone, and Peter is relieved that he didn’t kill Brad, and eventually is successful when he deletes the picture of Brad’s phone


· They’re staying in a fancy hotel thanks to Fury, and immediately Peter is almost called to duty by Fury, so he goes to meet him, Hill and Beck where they talk about the Fire Elemental that’s supposed to strike there

· Fury gives him a tough talk and he’s upset; Beck then comforts him on top of the building; Peter tells Beck that he worries about his friends, so he makes them go to the opera to keep them inside

· At the opera house, Peter and MJ are cute and awkward, but Peter is then signaled by Fury to head to his post, so he ditches MJ; MJ realizes Peter is gone so she follows him outside to the carnival happening in Prague that night; Betty and Ned too

· At the carnival, MJ is walking alone by herself looking for Peter, Ned and Betty get on the Ferris wheel; the Fire Elemental appears under MJ’s feet and chaos starts

· Beck and Peter fight the Fire Elemental, and you notice that there’s one time Peter shoots his web to attach to the Ferris wheel, but it bounces off before it can attach; he has to end up saving Betty and Ned; Beck “sacrifices” himself to destroy the creature; he lives

· Fury and Hill show up at the scene and invite both of them to Berlin to talk about putting together a team like the Avengers, and they’re for it

· Beck invites Peter for drinks, so they go to a bar where Peter is drinking his juice, and talking about his friends, Stark, and the new EDITH glasses; Beck says Peter doesn’t look good in the glasses, so Peter has Beck try them on and he decides to transfer it’s owner to Beck because Stark would’ve liked him and that maybe Stark meant in the note that he gets to choose who the next Stark is

· After Beck has the glasses, it’s revealed that the bar scene was mostly an illusion put together by Beck, an ex-Stark Industries employee who created BARF (the augmented reality setup from CA: CW), and other ex-employees of Stark from previous films; Beck was fired for being unstable; no multiverse exists

· Peter goes back to the hotel, and everyone is heading home to NYC the next morning because of what’s happening, so the trip is canceled; Peter decides to ask MJ out to walk, and she says yes

· They go to the bridge where Peter is about to confess his feelings, and MJ spills that she knows he’s Spider-Man, and he’s denying it until MJ pulls out a projector that projects the Air Elemental, and the two put together that Beck is faking it, so Peter confesses about his identity and MJ is shocked because she was only 67% sure that he was Spider-Man

· Meanwhile, Beck and his crew are creating a new illusion for London, with EDITH this time, here you see how unstable Beck is and how his technology works; however, it’s not perfect because of the missing projector MJ had, so Beck puts a hit on Peter and her after he discovers they had it

· Peter and MJ are back at the hotel where Peter says he has to go to Berlin to see Fury; he changes into the stealth suit in front of MJ until she turns around, and Ned comes in and tries to lie, but MJ says she knows already; Peter catches Ned up about what he and MJ discovered and stresses not to tell anyone; he heads off to Berlin on top of trains


· Once in Berlin, Fury picks him up and they head to HQ, where Peter is explaining everything to Fury but turns out, HQ is just an illusion from Beck

· This puts Peter in a massive illusion, battling himself, getting thrown in different directions, seeing a dead Tony Stark, seeing MJ get thrown off the Eiffel Tower, etc. (It’s a lot)

· When he thinks the illusion is done when Fury shoots Beck, he admits to “Fury” that Ned, MJ and maybe Betty know about Beck’s tricks, but it’s actually Beck as Fury; Peter ultimately then gets hit by a train, eventually he pulls himself into an empty car and he falls asleep

· Peter wakes up in a jail cell in the Netherlands with three other nice guys; he breaks out by breaking the lock, and outside he calls someone with a local’s phone· Turns out it’s Happy who flies in to find a broken, beat up Peter, who is limping, but Peter is worried that Happy isn’t real, but Happy proves he is with an anecdote from their first time in Berlin; Peter is relieved, and they hug

· On the plane, Peter is getting stitched up and he can’t deal with the pain and starts shouting in frustration about how he messed up giving Beck the glasses; they have a chat, and that’s when Happy shows Peter the suit machine where Peter can create a suit

· Peter quickly learns the technology to make a suit, which leaves Happy looking at him fondly, probably reminding him of Stark


· Meanwhile, Peter’s classmates have a layover in London before heading to NYC, so with Beck’s crew, he plans to have them in the middle of the Air Elemental chaos, by placing them on the London Bridge on a rooftop bus; Beck is preparing for his illusion somewhere else and Fury pretends to believe Beck about the Elemental

· The illusion starts putting Peter’s classmates in danger; Peter and Happy arrived shortly after with Peter jumping off the plane into the storm, knowing that everything is an illusion, he jumps right into the illusion and starts messing with the drones that he breaks with his Taser webs

· Happy meets with MJ, Ned, Betty, and Flash to get them to safety; they eventually end up in a vault somewhere where Beck keeps an eye on them with a drone

· Beck finds out that Peter is messing with the drones so he hypes up the power on them to kill Peter; Peter ends up very wounded on the bridge with no web shooters, and figures out that he could use power source from the drones to blast himself up to get to where Beck is near the bridge

· When he gets to Beck, Beck is angry, and he and Peter fight for a bit until Beck throws him into another illusion, but Peter knows better and uses his “Peter Tingle” to fight through it, breaking drones and the overall illusion

· This ends with Peter regaining control of EDITH and self-destructing the drones, Beck is talking, and before he dies, a gunshot goes off where the real Beck is standing who actually gets killed; Peter asks EDITH if it’s real and she confirms he’s dead

· Peter heads back to the bridge where MJ is running towards him and hugs him; Peter is worried about his friends, but she says they’re ok, and she shows Peter the broken necklace that Happy gave her just in case Peter didn’t make it back, and he apologizes for it being broken, and they both confess their feelings; MJ pecks Peter’s lips, then Peter does the same thing back, and then there’s a long kiss between the two


· When they arrive back to the airport, Peter and MJ are a couple, and you find out Betty and Ned broke up

· Peter is greeted by May outside the airport; and it quickly jumps to Peter in his suit, having a talk with May and Happy about their relationship; he dips the conversation to go on his date with MJ

· When they meet up, they swing around together and the movie ends to play the first credits


· It starts with Peter and MJ finishing their swing; she doesn’t like it, and then Peter says he has to go

· He lands on a light post when the news on the large screen reveals a video recording of Beck in London during the fight talking about how Spider-Man did everything in London because it shows him self-destructing the drones; it cuts again to JJJ (played by JK Simmons) of The Daily Bugle, revealing Spider-Man’s identity to be Peter Parker, as said by Beck, and then a picture of Peter shows up on the screen; Peter is left shock and so is MJ on the ground


· It’s revealed Fury and Hill were Skrulls, Talos, and his wife, while the real Fury was on a Skrulls ship in space having a VR vacation; seems like Fury sent them to do his job

Note: The mob scene and the passport scene from the trailers are not in the film. Also, sorry for any forgotten parts or things that don’t make sense. The movie is a lot, but really awesome.

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