When you grieve someone’s death, the first gift idea that comes to your mind is a bouquet. But one can think of other things that can be a good option than flowers. You can show your love and grief to someone who has already lost a special loved one from their life.

You can consider unique or other special items as a gift that shows grief, which can be unique and special for the person. In the following write-up, we will discuss some perfect ideas of sympathy gifts that one can send to someone instead of flowers.

It is quite easy to share one’s condolences with someone who is struggling with loneliness, sadness, and grief. Sending flowers has become an old and common tradition that one can change with something that another person remembers for a lifetime. The person’s memories stay longer with his loved ones.


1. Offer Meal Related Help


After someone dies, family members do not have enough time, energy, and appetite to prepare and eat food. You can provide meal help by sending hot meals as a gift. During the time of grieving, the family can have food without cooking or wasting their energy.

If you cannot bring food, you can buy a hotel card to get services for delivering meals. Instead of gifting flowers, you can provide your support by nourishing the sad family.

2. Give Seed Packets

When you give a bunch of flowers to someone, they will shed in a couple of days. It is better to give personalized seed packets to anyone who is sad and lonely after losing his loved one. You can design and customize the packing by putting the photograph with the person’s name who passed away.

It can be a memorable gift, and one can grow those seeds into a plant or a tree in the memory of that person. You can prefer any seed type that symbolizes the one who passed away.

3. Candles


You can send a memorable candle as a special gift that can help anyone to remember his loved one. Such a candle can be lit on different occasions like birthdays, death anniversaries, etc. One can easily lighten this candle whenever he needs to remind the soul that does not exist with them.

It is better to prefer scented candles with a calming aroma. It is a unique gift you can give a grieving person instead of flowers. You can prepare a basket and include many candles of different aromas.

4. Spend Some Time with Them


The valuable gift you can give someone is your time and condolences. You can stay with the person for support as long as he needs you. It is better to be available every time whenever your friend needs someone besides him.

You can donate your time to his family and friends. During a funeral, everyone has to follow many rituals, and you can prepare yourself for every support you can offer. The individual who has lost someone needs support to relieve the feeling of loneliness and sadness. You can help that person to get over the grief by making him and his family comfortable.

5. Give an Album of Photos


It is another unique and memorable gift that one can give to any person who has lost their loved one. In a photo album, you must share all the pictures of the individual who died with his family along with friends.

You can contact multiple sources to collect memorable pictures and prepare an album. You can either buy an album or make it yourself. With pictures, you can also write texts and sweet messages. Everyone remembers the gift you offer at the funeral.

6. Customized Ornament

You can customize any ornament and give it as a tribute to the family of the individual who died recently. You can research and think of something that brings memories of the dead individual to his family.

It is good to take a picture and use it to prepare any ornament. It is like providing an honor to all the family members who have already lost the gem. The ornament choice is yours, but it should be memorable for everyone.

7. Provide a Card to Get a Spa


The saddened and grieving family experiences no sleep and gets tired after the hectic funeral session. You can provide enough comfort by giving a gift card to get a spa. You can take care of their health by offering a relaxing spa.

It should have a validity of a few months so that an individual can go to the spa when he needs it the most. Along with the spa service card, you can prepare a basket in which you can aroma bathing bombs, towels, candles, etc. To get a better spa experience, it can be a special welcoming gift to your loved one.

8. Provide Housekeeping Service


Everyone needs to focus on rituals and other necessary things during the funeral. There is no time to take care of house cleaning. Instead of giving flowers, you can provide housekeeping services to the person who needs them at the funeral.

It is like offering support to them. Once the funeral is done, everyone leaves the house, and it stays dirty. But housekeeping services can help the family to keep the house clean and prevent them from getting tired.

The Bottom Line

Instead of sharing flowers as a gift, you can think of other ideas. You can pick any gift that you like from the list mentioned. You can provide your love and show your condolences in many ways. It is better to avoid the traditional idea of gifting and think of something new. Flowers will not stay longer, but your memorable gifts will.

Therefore, you need to concentrate on how you can easily support and provide care to the family of an individual who has passed away. You can stay close to them until they need your help. But the best gift you can give someone is your time and help in all the chores they need you.