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Disney Dreamlight Valley

It’s been a long time since Disney released a full-fledged video game based on their cartoons, but now they’ve released a project with a whole cartoon universe of favorite characters supported by Gameloft – the same one whose mobile games many of our readers have probably played.

The developers decided to combine two of the most “addictive” genres – a life simulator with a farm simulator. The result is something like Sims + Animal Crossing. The plot revolves around a certain valley that has gone from a fairy-tale place to an abandoned wasteland. You find yourself inside this reality and become the savior of the world that the cartoon characters have been waiting for.

The presence of the plot here is rather conditional, and the main events will take place against the background of each resident’s personal quest chains: to restore McDuck’s business, return WALL-E from the garbage desert or become Mickey Mouse’s personal chef.

The game practically overwhelms you with a lot of tasks and quests, without passing which it’s impossible to move on. In the first 30 minutes, you will be shown all the basic features, will be given a shovel, a pickaxe and other tools for existence in the world of fairy tales.

After an hour, you will start to build the first buildings, and you will be rewarded with new heroes and adventures in their worlds for this hard work. The developers promise to constantly add new locations and heroes.

The game has nice visuals that will appeal to all fans of Disney animation, and the gameplay will satisfy those who aren’t afraid of monotonous tasks. It’s a kind of simplified symbiosis of genres for those who want to forget about everyday problems for a couple of hours and become part of the world of favorite childhood characters. Just remember that you are an adult, and even in a fairy tale world you will have to work a little.

PowerWash Simulator

A surprisingly calming power washer simulator that perfectly kills time by creating a meditative effect. In this game you will become the local master cleaner, receiving orders from all over the city. Wash your car, playground, garden plot, or Mars rover on the red planet? Easy!

There’s no story in the game, but there’s an upgrade and an in-game hardware store where you’ll choose new detergents, hose nozzles, gloves, and more.

You’ll use the high-pressure washer to scrub off layer after layer of dirt, until you see bright colors and a clean surface shine.

It sounds weird and silly, but starting to wash some surface, you instantly awaken your inner perfectionist, and it’s impossible to stop. And if you can’t clean 100%, you can turn on the dirt lights and quickly fix the imperfections. Moreover, the game has a co-op, which will allow you to share the work with a group of like-minded cleaners.

Along the way you will come across various locations with unusual elements, but it’s not recommended to pass more than two locations at once, otherwise, the game turns into work, from which you get tired.

The Pedestrian

Puzzles aren’t always suitable to relax, but it’s the case to calm you down. The Pedestrian is about the very man from the pedestrian sign. At some point, he decides to go on a journey through the metropolis, and you help him do it.

You will have to connect the various signs and signs to each other so that the pedestrian walks on and on. Obviously, the difficulty gradually increases – already in the middle of the game you will have to think hard before you figure out how to lead the hero to the next location.

Despite the increasing difficulty, the game is fascinating with its settings and backgrounds that change in time and don’t let you get bored. It’s pleasant that the difficulty is not overestimated – even the most difficult levels are passed after a short pause for reflection. But do not worry – the game is passed in 4-5 hours and will not take you more than a couple of evenings.

The Pedestrian has something to surprise not only those who love unhurried and beautiful games but also fans of platformers and puzzles. The last chapter takes the narration to a new level and leaves you with a smile on your face until the very ending.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Another open world from Ubisoft, but with one distinguishing feature – non-seriousness. The whole story revolves around the savior of the ancient Greek world, which was taken over by a titan named Typhon. He also imprisoned the ancient gods, and now you must get their powers and defeat evil.

Despite such a pathological plot, the game is absolutely self-ironic and mocks both Ubisoft’s gameplay stamps and pathological plot, which is constantly laughed at by two voice-over commentators – Zeus and Prometheus.

The gameplay isn’t different from any other Ubisoft game in the open world, just here it is with a greater bias in the concept of Legend of Zelda. Another thing you can find something in common with is the popular Genshin Impact, but it’s a clone of the hit Nintendo. There are hundreds of points of interest on the map, a few types of weapons, leveling up, and everything. Except that it’s all done in a way that doesn’t make you tired. Everything is simple, bright, and humorous.

The game has a deliberately simple and bright style that says in every way that the developers wanted to create an unobtrusive and positive game that both adults and children can appreciate.

The local atmosphere is calming: the game has a good mix of puzzles and battles, and the eternal jokes and conversations of the commentators in the background keep you from getting bored in the open world.

Tetris Effect: Connected

This is Tetris, but don’t jump to conclusions. This version of the famous puzzle is deeply connected to music, a sense of rhythm, and immersion. It’s essentially a kind of audio-visual experience, just with the addition of dice as gameplay. Each level is so varied and hypnotic that one is simply amazed that it’s still Tetris.

You don’t have to get to the beat of the music – the pieces themselves will appear to the beat of it. Sometimes it’s pretty straightforward, where things start off slow and then speed up, but often it’s the unique fluctuations of the rhythm that you really start to feel.

The Journey mode is impressive and gives you an experience you definitely don’t expect from this game. The effects, sounds, and visuals work not only as a difficulty marker but also as a visualizer for more complex feelings, which will definitely put you in a trance.