A ‘Thor 4′ From Taika Waititi Offers Safety, Stability To Disney’s Post-’Endgame’ for Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Reported by Forbes, Hollywood News.

The film might be released between 2020-21.

This is definitely a great sign for the revival of the MCU.

Taika Waititi has signed with Disney and Marvel to direct a fourth Thor movie. The much famous director who directed Thor Ragnarok.

Thor 4 will be the first time that a standalone MCU superhero marvel franchise has got a fourth movie.

Iron Man and Captain America got only three flicks and, after the Endgame era, the chances of an Iron Man 4 or a Captain America 4 are pretty slim.

Warner Bros’ Akira movie is set to be on hold for now until further information.

Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok was a huge hit in the late 2017, earning $324 million domestic USA and $854 million worldwide, which was a 57% domestic and 33% global jump from Alan Taylor’s (comparatively) indifferently received Thor: The Dark World in late 2013. It’s a great sign.

This brings Marvel’s new Phase a-worthy box office as Marvel introduces some new comic characters as well in the new phase like Nova.

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