When will Wrong Turn 2024 Hit Screens? Release Date

Wrong Turn 2024 is a terrific and brutal horror movie picture, which is already released in theaters. We can assume this as the continuation and reboot of The Wrong Turn Series and which is called the 7th edition from the series. While the first Wrong Turn movie is released in theaters just for one night. But, then the movie is available in DVD format for viewers.

Wrong Turn Production involves source from various Nations live United States Germany and Canada. McElroy is the director of this film, as always there will be two sides of a coin. While some of them comment it is a good movie, rest others complaining that the movie lacks the essence of basic elements in a horror movies.

Wrong Turn 2024


Wrong Turn 2024 Cast and Plot

The cast of the movie involves the actors like Charlotte Vega as Jen Shaw, Adian Bradley as Darius  Clemons. Emma Dumont as Milla D’Angelo, Bill Sage as Veneble, Vardaan Arora as Gary Amaan, Daisy Head as Edith. Dylan McTee as Adam Lucas, Mathew Modine as Scott, Time de Zarn as Nate Roades. Ardian Favela as Corrine and Chaney Marrow as Hobbs.

This is a story of six friends who went for hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Friends include Jennifer Shaw, her boyfriend Darus, her best friend Milla, her boyfriend Adam and with them also accompanying a gay couple Luis and Gray.

Wrong Turn 2024

While the six of them will be prey for the tribe, Foundation who are living in the mountains for hundred years. They didn’t even see any humans apart from their community. For them, they are assuming that they are the only ones to live on the planet. But, these friends are caught for different crimes and brought up in front of the chief.

Jennifer and her boyfriend try to convince the chief tribe, saying that will join the tribe. Just to save them at the moment and they will figure out some way to get rid of that mess later. While Jennifer’s father is waiting for Jennifer’s return for a long time. She won’t return as the tribe doesn’t spare them. Jennifer’s father starts searching for her daughter in the mountains.

Later he managed to fly from the tribe’s members, as the proposal made by Jennifer. The tribe members made the couple foundation head. Jennifer’s husband is the main lead of the tribe now. But she is pregnant and they want to save the child from these.

At last, every tribe will be murdered and Jennifer will walk away proudly.

Wrong Turn 2024 Release Date 

This movie is set to hit the theaters along with the screens on January 26, 2024. But, the earlier schedule is 2020. You all might know that COVID-19 impacts all over the world, which put a halt to this film. Now New Trend starts to release the movie in theaters for just one night and will be made available in DVD format from February 23, 2024.

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