Hello, Marvel fans, what’s up, there has been a lot of news regarding Marvel Avengers 4 Title coming up lately, but the Real title just got leaked. Earlier this week, there was a trust-able person who leaked that Movie’s title will contain 2 words starting from F and H.

This leak got strengthened by today’s real title leaked image proof which is shown below. Today, Marvel unveiled the first footage of Avengers 4, a fan or an internal source clicked the picture of the initial footage. The chances are very very rare that it is a hoax. The photo was posted by someone on the Instagram. There was a recent leak. This is article is updated as on 29th October, the leak had a trailer glimpse saying Avengers 4 to be ‘Avengers Annihilation’, see that below.

Avengers 4 Leaked Title

Also, there was a leak that Ant-Man will discover some techniques through which they can go to different realities to collect the infinity stones. It has also been leaked that the shooting for Avengers Infinity War Sequel has been almost finished by now.

‘Fallen Heroes sound appropriate for now and looks legit, though it got widely criticized just now. Last year the same way infinity war trailer was leaked just 2-3 months before the official launch, the chances for this image to be false is almost 0.

The Movie Avengers 4 is set to release in May 2019. For more news subscribe to our notifications and our Reddit Community. For earlier news details visit here. Comment upon your theories related to Avengers 4 Title below.

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