Black Clover Chapter 246
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Hey, everyone. Welcome to Black Clover Chapter 246, Spoilers, Release Date, leaks thread for Discussion, raw scans, Speculations, Live Countdown to English manga scans of the latest Manga. Black Clover Chapter 246, the official release date is on April 5, 2020.
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In the coming chapter, we will finally be able to see the aftermath of Yami vs Dante’s battle. Whether Dante sustained heavy damage from Yami’s slash or it is Yami who has received the damage.

We will finally be able to learn more about arcane stages and about Yami’s dark magic. And finally, the focus will shift towards the Heart Kingdom where Noelle and the company face off against Megicula.


Black Clover Chapter 246 Release Time

Live Countdown to the next chapter (Time left for the Chapter for every country), Release Date is April 5, 2020:

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Black Clover Chapter 246 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks

Spoiler Warning for you all, this article might contain huge spoilers that are machine translated. More spoilers, fan translations, raw images scan leaks will be out soon.


If you are unfamiliar with Black Clover, Black Clover is a Japanese fantasy Shonen Manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata.

The series is published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in Japan, also, Mangaplus and Viz Media are publishing it in their Weekly Shonen Jump digital anthology magazine in the United States.

The story centers around a young boy named Asta, seemingly born without any magic power, something that is unknown in the world he lives in.
With his ambition, newfound abilities, and friends, he aims to be the Wizard King.

Black Clover Chapter 245 Recap

Black Clove fans are very excited to see Yami as he joins the battle. Yami arrives at battle land with Finral’s teleportation magic looking pissed off at Dante. Dante uses Gravity Magic: Presence of the demon king which Yami and Final to ground but Yami looks unfazed from the Attack.

Yami in rage prepares to launch his dark magic while revealing how he has improved over the last 6 months. Yami combines Mana zone and black hole resulting in Dark Magic: Dark moon which creates an impenetrable barrier which erases magic around it including Dante’s gravity magic.

Dante looks surprised by Yami’s dark magic. He unearths a boulder and launches it the ultra-fast rock towards him. Yet again, Yami surprises Dante by cutting down the boulder in two with Dak Cloaked: Dimension Slash. Dante creates a new sword with Gravity Magic: Heavy infighting gladiator and launches him towards Yami using the Mana zone.

As their sword clashes, Yami talks about how he is reacting to Dante moves with Mana zone and ki but not great as Julius’s movements. Dante talks about how he has been stalking Yami for a while now as he is key to link the human world with the Underworld.

Dante thanks Yami for acquiring such unique magic users for him but Yami replies while revealing his love for his squad and as they prepare for a final blow. Yami uses Dark Manazone: Condense and Dark Cloaked Iai Slash to attack Dante and it results in Dante bleeding heavily.

BC Manga Discussion

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