Dragon Ball Super Chapter 49 of manga will release on 21st June 2019 as per the date confirmed by the  Shueisha that posted a promo hyping its next V-Jump release.

Buu is getting a power-up and character uplift reported by DbsHype on Twitter. Morro has already wished to the Dragon, the first wish was to restore his powers and second wish is still unknown. Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 12 will release on the next day June 22nd.

Synopsis of the DBS Chapter

Buu has now switched place for little time with the Grand Kai which was absorbed way back in Buu Saga. Grand Kai is determined to take down Morro!

Morro’s powers are now fully back, so it would be interesting to see our fighters that is Goku and company will fight a full magical powered Morro. People are really Excited about this Dragon Ball Super Chapter 49.

New Dragon Ball Super Movie in works?

Yes, 100%. Talks about a possible next ‘Dragon Ball movie’ and how it might go in a “completely different direction” than Dragon Ball Super Broly based on an interview with the head of the Dragon Ball Room: ‘Akio Iyoku’.

Is Dragon Ball Super Anime still Coming this year?

Yes, this movie is not related to the anime as per Geekdom, it will return eventually this year but not in July or maybe in July with a sudden announcement but this year definitely.

Why is Dragon Ball Super 2 Anime not yet announced?

Super really lives, and it will return this year with anime series, dbs2019 has good sources and insiders working there!

There are several reasons for the delay of Super Anime announcement 2019:

  1. One Piece Stampede Movie on August 9, 2019 (Any announcements related to other animes will impact the movie promotion of One Piece).
  2. Better Animation and storyline for the new Super 2.
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