With the end of season 4 back in April 2020, fans had to wait for almost a year to see their hero’s back in action.

My Hero Academia Season 5 is all set to return this year with a bang, as the release date for season 5 of My Hero Academia is on March 27, 2024. Season 4 ended with an epic battle between Endeavor and Nomu. The battle with the new improved Nomu pushed Endeavor to new limits.


My Hero Academia Season 4 Recap: 

The main antagonist of this season was Overhaul, who planned to turn the world before Quirks. He believes that hero’s are curse to the society. In order to achieve his goals, Overhaul used Eri’s quirk and made bullets out of her blood to erase quirks.

Meanwhile Midoriya joined Sir Nighteye’s agency. He first met Eri and Overhaul on a patrol with Mirio, and realized something was off. But were forced to let her go. 

My Hero Academia Season 5

Later with the help of Other hero’s Midoriya and Mirio saves Eri but in the process, Mirio’s Quirk was erased. In the end there were many casualties and also the death of Sir Nighteye. In the season’s final episodes we see Endeavor and Hawks fighting Nomu. Furthermore this Nomu was very strong and could even talk and think. 

What to Expect From Season 5:

Season 5 of My Hero Academia will give a little more center stage to Class 1-B. Further Class 1-A and 1-B will have training and will fight each other. Also a more focus on Midoriya’s powers, as in the season 4 end he see a dream, with all the inheritors of One for All. We also might see Gigantomachia meet Shigaraki and the rest of the league and return of Gran Torino.

My Hero Academia Season 5

Season 5 Trailer:

My Hero Academia Released its trailer of Season 5 in October 2020. while the second in December 2020. Find below both of the trailers. Discuss on our Reddit.


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