One Piece Chapter 984

Howdy, everyone. One Piece Chapter 984 will reveal Yamato. The One Piece Chapter 984 Release Date is July 6, 2020. One Piece Spoilers, raw leaks released. Colored Manga Images by Amanomoon.

The previous One Piece Chapter revealed many things. Luffy & Ulti’s Haki Clash reveals the New Pachycephalosaurus Zoan Devil Fruit Power! Big Mom creates New Homies for Battle & Kaido’s son, Yamato Appears to take Luffy Away, he helped him! After Years of waiting, Kozuki Oden’s Will Returns!

Yamato is up to something, he will definitely help Luffy and others to defeat his father, but what are his reasons? We will soon find it out. It is finally the worst generation pirates, samurais vs the alliance of the two biggest emperors of the sea.


One Piece Chapter 984 Delayed

Yes, One Piece 984 got delayed due to amid outbreak of COVID 19 Novel Coronavirus pandemic all over the world due to the protection of its manga staff. The New Release Date for Chapter is July 5, 2020, officially. The live time is below. Several animes have also got delayed like Black CloverBoruto, One Piece.

One Piece Chapter 984 Release Time

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One Piece Chapter 984
By Amanomoon

One Piece Chapter 984 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks

One Piece Chapter Spoilers Status: Spoilers released, even a few raw leaks from Reddit.

Chapter Title: “My Bible”

  • Cover Page is Lola and Chiffon reacting to finding out that Pound is their father
  • Ulti and Page One came back to their senses and are fine, it’s stated by the beasts pirates fodders that Dinosaur df users are very tough and durable. (Dinosaurs devil fruit users are stated to have the amazing speed and durability.)
  • Page One Ulti have fun together and have interactions
  • Yamato wanted to go and talk to Luffy somewhere where there are no Kaido’s subordinates, Luffy said that he can just finish Kaido’s fodders in 5 secs but Yamato opposed and made a smokescreen
  • The samurais invade the Banquet hall, Law checks the situation from his submarine
  • Izo and Nekomamushi meets Kiku
  • law uses room
  • Jinbei and Robin drunk at the festival
  • Spread of Kaido alongside the calamities
  • Luffy and Yamato have a short clash
  • Luffy gives 5 minutes for Yamato to talk, the latter has said that he witnessed Oden’s execution and was impressed, he wants to fulfill Oden’s will.
  • Yamato’s mask fell and we get to see his bare face, Yamato is a woman (See spoilers pics) Yamato watches Luffy and remembers Ace.
  • Yamato found Oden’s journal in Kuri and (Not confirmed) supposedly became Man because Oden was a man.

The One Piece Manga Chapter 984 spoilers, leaks, raw scans, summaries, English translations have been released. Only the above information leaked till yet. We will update you as soon as possible when new information releases. Spoilers are getting a general delay these days, so be patient.

Therefore, stay tuned we will update this thread as any new information for this new volume of manga releases for One Piece Chapter.

Yamato by Amanomoon

One Piece Chapter 983 Recap

Finally, in the last One Piece Chapter 983, Luffy clashes with Ulti of Page One and he finds out she is a powerful Zoan type awakened devil fruit user with good khaki. But suddenly Yamato saves Luffy from the further fight and runs away with him, he used the same attack as Kaido- the Thunder Bagua. Reported by Amanomoon.

Moving on, we see the eldest son of Big Mom, Perospero, and he is approaching Onigashima alone using his candy ability, and he totally does not approve of the alliance between Big Mom and Kaido.

Prometheus chasing down Nami, and Zeus is really worried if he is going to die if Big Mom sees him, likely we will see Zeus backing up Nami to fight Prometheus. Roronoa Zoro and Eustass Kidd are fighting gifters, now comes the part you guys have been waiting for.

Yamato refers to himself as “BOKU”. Yamato talks to Luffy and tells him that, “you are Straw Hat Luffy right? I have been waiting for you all this time. My name is Yamato, and I’m Kaido’s son.” Yamato’s appearance is said to be slim, and Yamato posses very long arms, roughly as big as Luffy’s height.

One Piece Chapter 984 might feature the details of why Yamato wants to collaborate with Strawhats.

One Piece Chapter 984
Image by Amanomoon

It would be awesome to know the reason behind Yamato helping the ones who are here to defeat his father.

While Chopper and Usop evade Big Mom but now she is behind Nami because she wants Zeus back while Sanji is busy in the brothel. Nami will definitely figure out something.

The chapter ends with Yamato running carrying Luffy away from the crowd. Let’s see what will happen in the upcoming One Piece 984.

Speculations for latest One Piece Chapters

The things mentioned below might happen in the manga in the upcoming One Piece Chapter 984, 985, 986, 987, 988, 989, 990, 991.

Could it be that Yamato will join the Strawhat Crew or will he just help in Wano only? Yamato is completely on a different level than Luffy, he used the same technique as his father, and also, he is wearing clothes just like Oden, it looks like he will help in defeating his father and later rule over Wano maybe as a good person,

The Samurai Soldiers and our pirate alliance walking deep into the Onigashima party through camouflaging themselves by dressing just like the enemies.

While Law with 4 Samurai heirs of Kozuki Oden entering from the backside secret entrance to Onigashima through his submarine. Also, Law is with the strongest samurai- Ashura, Kappa Kawa, Raizo, Kiku. The big Battle is about to start as they all reach inside the castle.

Kaido and his alliance contains these

Beast Pirates Crew, Koruzumi Shogun Orochi, Kaido, Big Mom, Big Mom Pirates, Flying six, CP0, Hawkins, other soldiers using the smile fruit. In conclusion, let’s see what will happen in One Piece 984.

One Piece Upcoming Chapter Predictions:

Blackbeard interferes in Wano

We do not think Blackbeard will be a part of this Wano Kuni fight unless he is interested in someone’s devil fruit ability. Luffy will need some help from Shanks if the Blackbeard interferes.

Whitebeard Pirates helping Luffy

It does not look like the remaining people left from Whitebeard crew will join the fight, as most of them started their life again as non-pirates. Marco will join the fight.

Garp, Shanks, Marines entering the battle

Maybe Marines, Shanks, Garp might enter the scene later. Garp has already fought the leader of the crew of Rocks Pirates (Big mom and Kaido were in the crew of Rocks at a young age). Garp may pose a threat to them. Though the world government has no control over Wano. Boa Hancock might join the battle but get captured maybe. One Piece Chapter 984 might show the current status of Sabo.

Revolutionary Army joining the battle

The revolutionary army might not involve itself in this war as their major strength is at Mariejois, also, it looks like Sabo has got captured, we will get to know after this arc what happened at Mariejois. Also, probably the Red Hair pirates will also join Luffy’s side at the end.

We might get to see the situation on the other side in the middle of this Wano arc maybe, that is the current situation of Sabo and the Revolutionary Army at the Mariejois, and ex-marine admiral Aokiji somehow might get involved. One Piece Chapter 984 will reveal new things and actions by the worst gen pirates.

Luffy’s Bounty after Wano Arc

Luffy’s Bounty probably may rise above 3 to 4 Billion Belly after this full Wano Arc ends. And, also it looks like Monkey D. Luffy will be the Emperor of the sea after this arc. Luffy will need some help from Shanks if the Blackbeard interferes.

Sanji and Zorro will fight their matches either from flying six or Commanders of Kaido like Queen or King or Jack.

There might be a change of sides taking place among the above teams as the fights begin among worst gen pirates, also, they are known to be having their own egos, will and beliefs.

One Piece Manga

Keep supporting the One Piece Manga 984 from official sources for the English version, it is at the top spot. In the United States and other countries, you can read it on the Viz website.

The One Piece series is live in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in Japan, and the Viz Media official site is publishing it in their Weekly Shonen Jump digital anthology magazine or webcomic volumes for every country in English.

It is really getting excited as these worst generation pirates who are very powerful will create havoc in Onigashima in the One Piece Series.

Even Captain Kidd has conquerors Haki just like Luffy and Kaido. Oden’s son Momonosuke was taken away by Kanjuro earlier, but Luffy promised him that he will save him later. It seems Momonosuke will be saved by someone soon.

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